Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Two...

Really?  How in the world is it already time for her to be two?  I mean, her attitude lately is totally "terrible twos" (as much as I hate that phrase).  I swear that I jinxed myself the other day by saying on FB that she was the world's greatest sleeper.  I mean, for the most part, she has always been a good sleeper (here I go again, when will I learn to shut up?!) but the past week has been rough.  She has started this whole wake-up in the middle of the night screaming "mommy" thing.  Ugh.  Daddy can't come or she flips out.  So, I go to see her and all that she wants is to sleep on top of me.  Or, for me to hold her hand through the crib rails.  So yes, that is how I have spent several evenings.

And I refuse to put her in our bed.  REFUSE.  Not even starting that.  So I end up either in the recliner, on the couch or the floor next to her crib.  Been great sleeping in our house, I tell ya!

I broke down and FB'd her pediatrician.  I know, how cool is it that I can FB her doctor AND get answers via FB.  Love that.  I am not sure if this new behavior is all part of the fun and games of being two or if we have just failed miserably at all things parenting and now we're screwed. 

Today is our five year first date-iversary.  Yes, five years ago today he picked me up after spending hours getting to know each other at a Halloween party a few days prior.  We went to Chili's and had burgers and talked until they closed. 

We thought it would be nice to go out tonight for burgers and celebrate.  Too bad we have a defiant little girl that refuses to sit in a high chair or booster in a restaurant.  She wouldn't eat.  Wouldn't sit.  Wouldn't let us eat.  It was rough.

But what did we do?  Took her to PetLand to look at all of the animals.  And then to the toy store.  And then to buy fish.

We totally rewarded her for terrible behavior. Okay, we suck at parenting.

But her fish are totally cute.  And the rocks are pink.  And it lights up pink.  And we named them Dorie and Nemo.  Yeah, so original.


We finally got her daycare pictures back and they were so cute.  I actually laughed when I first saw them because they look funny but oh so cute.  I mean, she looks so old, but so little.  See what I mean?

She looks so big!

I am in full birthday planning mode now.  Her invites have been selected.  The pictures have been taken.  The location has been reserved.  Just need to figure out all of the fine details.  We are sticking with the barnyard theme, cause let's face it, the girl *loves* her farm animals.  Loves them.

I think that she's going to love her party.  Or I hope that she will.  She may be rotten, but she's our princess.  Our spoiled little princess.  And when you ask her who the prettiest girl in the whole wide world is...she points to herself.

Yep.  We're doomed.

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