Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I have been blessed

Have I told you before how blessed my life truly is?  Have I mentioned how great my marriage is these days?  Have I talked about the most amazing little girl ever created by God? 

I feel so blessed. 

My student teaching is going along flawlessly and while still extremely challenging, I am learning so much and my efforts are not going unnoticed.  Which means the most, really.  I have been complimented by some of the toughest critics and I am humbled by their comments.  My fingers are crossed that this permanent sub position for my cooperating teacher opens up to me in January.

Because it is such a long maternity leave for her, it has to be opened to all interested applicants.  Then they will be doing peer interviews and finally selecting a sub for her classroom from January 3 through the end of the year.  Having been with the students since the first day of the school year, I obviously feel that I am the best candidate!  :)  But time will tell....  and I hope and pray that they pick me!

Today I got to work and opened my net book to get my Smart Board set up for the morning message and lunch counts and surprise!  Only ten minutes remain on the battery.  Really!?  It charged all night!

I was in a panic. 

It was raining (thank God!), so I knew that R would be rained out at work.  So I texted him and begged him to please bring me my charger.  Almost my whole day was on the Smart Board and I would be lost without my net book.  I was freaking out.

He was still working (on office stuff?) but left anyway to go home, get my charger and drive it all the way to my school.  Knight in shining armour.  For sure.

Heather, Bethany, Me and Gina
I am blessed to have some of the best friends a girl could ever dream of.  These girls have been my rock when so many things seemed wrong.  They love my daughter like a niece.  They love me like a sister.  We are so close, even though we live so far apart.  I got to sneak away for a quick trip last weekend and was able to visit with them over appetizers and drinks.  I needed that.  They refilled my soul when it was running low.  I love them.  So, so very much.

And that little girl?  The one that blows me away with her beauty.  The one that amazes me with her intelligence.  The one that has me singing Twinkle Twinkle into the phone on my way home from work every day.  The one that makes me dance and twirl like I am a child again.  The one that melts my heart over and over and over again. 

You know the one...
She's my angel.  Everything that is right in our world.  And if there is one lesson that I can teach her in this life, it is to put herself first when it comes to her education.  I hope that she gets her education when she's young so that she never has to miss these precious times with her babies, just as I feel I am now.

I work a lot of hours with student teaching, and thank God I have a great husband that has done nothing but pick up the slack and not once complain.  He drops her off at day care, picks her up, cooks dinner, grocery shops, cleans, baths her....anything and everything I need.  I couldn't be doing this without him.

Truly, blessed.

Thursday is KG's first day at the new "scoo" and I am thrilled beyond belief.  I can't wait to see how much she learns and how many friends she makes.  She makes me so proud.

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