Monday, September 5, 2011

Bad Grammar, Shoes and Hair Cuts.... this one has it all!

I consider myself a grammar Nazi.  I can't stand typos, grammatical errors or general stupidity.  Spell check is an amazing thing.  Ah-mazing.  Why don't more people use it?  And even better, proof read.  Really.  It will save me from twitching.

But the last place that I ever expect to find typos or stupid errors is in one of Kinley's books.  This morning, her and I were reading Peter Rabbit and we got to this page:

Five bonus points if you can find the grammatical error on this page.  I was so bothered by it that I decided to stop reading and pull this one from her shelf.  Okay, so not really.  Actually what happened was her gnat like attention span expired and she bailed on story time. 

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day!  I am a hunting widow today and Kin is a hunting orphan.  R is out dove hunting....or something like that.  I don't know.  He left in camo with a gun.  So he's hunting something.

We had such a great weekend.  My mom and step-dad were in town for a couple of days and spoiled us all rotten, as they usually do.  We ate out way too much and Kinley got to go shopping.  She got a ton of fall clothes and her fall/winter sleeper collection.  She loves her fleecy sleepers.  Her favorite though was going to the shoe store.  She got to choose her own gym shoes for this fall.  They measured her between a 5 and 5 1/2 so we bought the size 6.  Her last gym shoes from there were a 4 and we got those in February.  So I was floored and almost cried a little when we had to buy a 6.  She is getting so big!

And then before Nonie and Papa left on Sunday afternoon, we stopped for her second hair cut...or bang trim.  Her hair is getting so long now....but I won't cut anything but the bangs.  Even that pains me but I feel bad when it's in her eyes.  She's just now starting to let me put bows in her hair without ripping them out.

It is going to be so hard to go back to "real life" tomorrow.  Ugh.  I start teaching spelling this week.  And my first observation is on Thursday.  No pressure!


Amanda said...

Awe, Kinley is so good while getting her hair cut!

Anonymous said...

That isn't a grammar fail.... that's a punctuation fail! Oopsie for you!!

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