Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Special Friday

We survived our first week of student teaching!  I say we, cause it was truly a team effort.  My husband was super helpful around the house and with Kinley and Kinley did her best to not make mommy feel too guilty.

I am still struggling with the whole "working mom" thing.  On Thursday night we had a meeting of the minds...or the walls came down...or whatever.  R had to go out to buy new brakes for his truck (he does them himself) so K and I stayed home to do her bath and story time.  During her bath she started getting so angry.  She was mad when I tried washing her hair, she got mad when I tried washing her body, she was just mad.  She started throwing toys at me.  Smacking the tub.  Splashing water at me.  She was shouting. 
It was anger.
I rushed the hair and washing to get her out and took her to her room.  I toweled her off and she jumped up and started hitting the closet door, throwing her diaper at me and just shouting.
I just started crying.  Not because she hurt my feelings or because I was confused....but because I knew exactly what was going on.  She is mad at me.  She's mad about the change in our schedule.  She's mad that mommy isn't home with her every day.  She's mad that she doesn't understand and can't communicate how she feels.
She fell into my arms and put her head on my shoulder and cried.  We cried.  I sobbed.  She laid in my arms for about ten minutes and we just held each other and cried.

We needed that moment. 

I kept telling her that I was sorry.  I told her that mommy had to go to school to make our lives better.  I just kept repeating that I was sorry and that I loved her.

And then she got up, said "all done" and wanted to get her jammers on.  It was as if we both just came to the understanding that it sucks but what can we do?!  We needed that moment together.  It will probably be one of our many moments as mommy and daughter.

Friday was a little better.  She was still upset at drop off but it was a little improved.  She calmed down faster. 

Friday afternoon, I walked my class out at dismissal and as soon as 3:30 struck on that clock, I was out of there.  I had to get my girl! 
I want to make Friday a special day for us.  To celebrate that we made it!  And to celebrate the start of two whole days of Mommy and Kinley time.  I wanted to plan something special for her to look forward to and decided that a trip to the cupcake shop was perfect.  She loves going there to pick out a cupcake (and always chooses the strawberry shortcake one).  Luckily they are open until 5:00, so we were able to get there right before they closed.  We walked in and excitedly she pointed to the strawberry shortcake cupcake.  She started dancing and laughing and clapping.  The girl loves her cupcakes!

The only hard part was the patience to wait until we got home to eat it.  We're working on the whole patience the ride home wasn't so pleasant.  But once she got home, she savored that sweet reward!
I look forward to our Friday tradition and I hope that she does too. 

And don't forget to enter the give-away, I will choose a winner tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

Suck it up and toughen up. Your little baby girl will be just fine. You need to be strong. It sounds to me like she has been catered to too much when you have been home with her and that's not right. I mean, who's running the and your husband, or her??? Having and raising 7 kids myself...believe me...I know. You can't coddle them and tend to them at every beckon call. And by all means, and don't take this the wrong way, a whack on the butt when their not behaving is not all that bad. And for those of you out there...a whack on the butt is not child abuse!!!

P.S. Sorry, I've been reading blogs for years, and following yours for a few months now and have even gone back to read things that I missed. Perhaps some of the time blogging or being on Facebook needs to be curtailed, and that time spent as family time. What's more important...blogs and facebook or family time? I think we all would say family time. If that isn't the answer, then it's time to get priorities set and perhaps a head examined!!!!

Barbara said...

What a sweet mommy/daughter moment! I hope this week goes better and you both can savor the reward on Friday AND its a 3 day weekend! YAY :D

Ross said...

What a great post! I really enjoy reading your posts. I'm looking forward to coming back and reading more of your site.

Ross said...

Cute kid! Really like your blog and I'm looking forward to coming back and reading more of your posts.

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