Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm so sad...

Grrrrr!  I just want to stomp my feet and cry that it isn't fair!  Why her?  Why now? 

Kinley has a fever.  I didn't even know she had a fever...  well, till about an hour ago.  We had to take a long ride this morning to pick up a train ticket for R to come to my mom's tomorrow night.  You see, the plan is for K and I to leave bright and early tomorrow morning and drive the four hours to mom's house.  R was supposed to work Saturday and was going to train it down Saturday night.  Change of plans, he's off Saturday so now he's coming Friday night.  Just in time to help with our Saturday yard sale!

But to avoid having two cars down there, he is going to ride the train and I'll pick him up there.  Then we can all come home together on Sunday.  This morning, it was terrible traffic.  The should-have-been 1 hour ride was about 2 hours.  And then while I was there, I stopped at the Chevy dealership to get that part to fix my ghetto door.

Thirteen dollars later, all fixed and we're on our way.  I had to stop at one of my favorite hot dog joints before leaving town...and let me tell ya, it's not easy to eat a Chicago style while driving.  But don't worry, I managed.  K slept pretty much the whole way there, during errands and back.  I just figured she was tired since she woke up at the crack of dawn 6:00 a.m. 

We finally got back to our town and I had to stop at the grocery for just a few things to make for the BBQ that we're going to tonight to visit with my cousins.  K refuses to sit in a cart anymore, so I am carrying her and pushing a cart and trying to shop.  Fun.  Let me tell ya!  But the majority of our trip, her head was on my shoulder and she felt so hot!  I thought for a minute that it must be because she was sleeping in the car seat.  But she never cooled down.  And then the five minutes that it takes to get from the store to our apartment, she was passed out again.  Ugh.  That feeling in your gut when you know that your baby is the lucky one.

I got her home and temped her immediately and sure enough, 102 and she passed out again. 

My heart breaks.

I would take it from her in a second.

So....who knows what our plans will be now.  And who knows what she's got. 

It only happens when we make plans.

Say a prayer for my girl!

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