Saturday, July 23, 2011

She rushed the stage...

We are all about free entertainment these days.  Trying to stay on budget is a total fun killer sometimes.  But not tonight!  I had to cancel my planned wedding date (I was supposed to go to a wedding with my friend, Gina) due to lack of funds.  I would have to buy a dress and shoes and the gas to go and the cocktails, etc.  It was just not the best move in our current situation.  So I had to sit this one out.  What is there to do on a Saturday night that A) Doesn't cost anything.  B)  Is Kinley friendly.  C)  Isn't too far away to drink up all of our gas.  D)  A good time. 

Well, only one thing fit all of those requirements:  Church!

Our church, (church ABC), put on a free concert and brought in an amazing band to play.  It was Kinley's first concert!

I took this video but it's a little hard to see.....  but she was jammin' the whole time!  She loved the music!
We had such an amazing time as a family.  Kinley was able to run around and everyone just enjoyed seeing her dancing and jumping and running.  We sat with a couple that we have met in church and they have three little girls.  I think it's good for me to have friends with husbands and babies!

In the beginning of this video, Kinley is signing for "more."  She did this during each song break.  Adorable.  And then she just decided to dance anyway.

Definitely a great Saturday night---even if she only "let" us stay for an hour.  The music was so good and walking out, we commented how it would have been an awesome date night and we would have stayed for the whole show if we could have.

I was kind of hesitant at the thought of a Christian concert but it didn't disappoint at all.

So, it looks like she is picking her nose.  I assure you, she's not.
She was being shy.

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