Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mix it, chop it

I miss my mix n' chop.  It was such a nice addition to my wide array of kitchen tools and gadgets.  It was a bridal shower gift and we used it all the time. 

It's sad to not have it anymore.

And it's even sadder that I'm the reason that we don't have it anymore.

I see my dear mix n' chop as a symbol of what was....

You see, my husband threw it in the garbage.  He was tired of getting yelled at over a kitchen tool. 

Yes, you read that right.

I yelled at him over a kitchen tool.

He would throw it in the dishwasher without pre-washing and when I would take it out the next day, the ground turkey crumbles would be wedged into the crevices of the "blades" and never want to come out.  It made me so mad!  What is so hard about pre-washing this one tool?  What is so hard about setting it aside to let me pre-wash it so that I didn't have to sit and pick at the dried ick-ness that had been dried on by the dishwasher?

He got tired of hearing me yell so he pitched it during one of my nightly rages.

Why didn't I see the big picture?  Why didn't I see that HE WAS HELPING ME OUT AND LOADING THE DISHWASHER?  Why didn't I see that he was trying to do right?  Why didn't I thank him for helping me instead of bashing him for helping me improperly? 

I am so mean.

I never want to be that mean again.

And I want a second chance with a new mix 'n chop.

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Raegan is my world said...

Pampered chef here you come. Oddly enough I seldom use mine

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