Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Official?

Teething is the devil!  I hate it.  For her--not me.  Her day care lady text'd (is that proper?  No?  Didn't think so.) me during class yesterday telling me that she went down early for nap because she was so miserable with her teeth.  And then she woke up early and needed ibuprofen. Ugh.  Normally, she's an easy teether.  Not this time.  And to be honest, I have no clue where one is even coming in!  I have no idea where to put orajel.  I have no idea where to look because I see nothing.

She had a good night, despite the events--more on that later.  But we gave her more ibuprofen at bedtime just to help her sleep.  And despite that--she had several crying out episodes.  I had a glimpse into my past with a newborn last night.  And this morning, I can't stop yawning.  And I can't have my coffee.  And I am very crabby about that.

So I went to my gyno appointment yesterday.  Got there a little late.  One of my craigslist stroller buyers got stuck in construction (I just love Chicago-land in the summer construction season!) so she really made me late for my whole day.  I had Kage in the car waiting to go and was out showing her how to fold the stroller, etc.  When I got back into the car, I look back at Kage and she says "who's that?"  Plain as day.  And then I started to explain that "she was a lady that bought your stroller for her baby since mommy ordered you a new one."  And then I reminded myself that I'm talking to a 19 month old who probably has no idea what I'm talking about.  Whatever.  So yes, I did order that tangerine stroller....can't wait to get it!

Back to my gyno appointment.  I loved this practice.  They were so welcoming and so nice!  The nurses were great, the receptionist was great, the doctor was great.  I had my records sent to them.  They were very eager and aggressive to get my history and paperwork in so that they could do the proper line of care for my situation.  I have a pretty complicated health history in that area with abnormal results, precancerous cells, different procedures to remove precancerous cells, etc. so they just wanted to be sure that they were doing the right thing by me.  And I totally respected that.

I discussed the removal of the Mirena with the doctor and he agreed that it was probably best to take it out.  He thinks that the complications I am experiencing right now could be caused by an infection and just to err on the side of caution, he thinks it's best to take it out and then "wait and see" what my body does.  I'm okay with that.  But I was still super wishy-washy in the office, so we re booked an appointment for next Thursday to give me time to change my mind.  It's a big deal to remove it--well, not the actual removal, but it's a $900 gadget that you don't want to yank for no reason, know what I mean?  But now I need to find out if the removal is covered by insurance, cause my husband doesn't think it is.  We shall see.

But this whole removal talk with the doctor turned into a time frame for baby number two.  And let me preface by saying that I have been 100% on no more babies.  I was good with that.  Until a few weeks ago.  All of a sudden, I am envisioning another baby in our family.  And I know that it's probably  because things are looking up in our marriage.  But I don't know....  so we discussed it and the doctor feels that I need two months to "come off" of the Mirena.  He wants to give my body 2-3 months to try and naturally get pregnant and then start the Clomid for a maximum of 6 cycles.  If that doesn't work --because of my age--  he wants us to see a specialist right away. 

So I took all of this home to my husband and he was all about it.  I guess that if things continue to look up for us and we continue down the path that we're on....we're hoping to get pregnant right around Kage's 2nd birthday. 


With my luck....I'll get pregnant the first month off the Mirena.  Ugh.  But that's the risk I'm willing to take, I guess.

This morning I have to go to the lab for some tests.  He's rechecking me for diabetes--I had gestational diabetes and never followed up after my pregnancy.  Bad Joy!  He's also checking my cholesterol (guess I'm officially old.) and then checking my white cell count to check for an infection from the Mirena.  The diabetes test is a fasting lab, which is why I'm sitting her sans coffee and wanting to cry.  Seriously.

And I have to take Kage with me to the blood draw--with no stroller since I sold them all.  Way to go, Joy.  This is going to be a nightmare.  I pray for a nice nurse to take pity on me and hold her for me while I get jabbed with a needle.  Good thing I'm not scared of those! 

So that's my story about my appointment.  And the official "we're trying to get pregnant with number 2 in a couple of months" post.

My husband created a "porta potty" for Kinley. 


StarMommy said...

I'm so excited!!! I'm also double excited because we've decided the same thing! I have a week left on the pill and then other means of contraception for a month or so and then, boom, we start trying! Yay! We're gonna be pregnant together again! :)

(All the more reason for us to move to Clearwater and become neighbors!)

Barbara said...

YAY! This is our time frame too! I think a lot of us WTE mom's will be trying around the same time. Please let me know how you like the stroller....I haven't ordered mine yet and I'm on the fence. If I know you like it I may just click the buy button! Congrats again Joy :)

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