Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some firsts

It was 97 degrees yesterday, and supposed to be in the low 60s today.  Why, Mother Nature?  You know that your moodiness makes us all sick.  Pick one, summer or fall.  It's not that difficult.  I know, I know....I chose to live in Chicago.  Whatever.

I had the craziest, most fun dream last night.  And I was so disappointed when I heard his work phone ring and wake me up.  Cause once you're awake, you aren't going back to that dream.  I wanted to cry.  So I was on the Bachelorette and was down to two guys.  Yes, I know.  I told you it was a crazy dream.  In "real life" I would never, ever go on that show.  Heck, I don't even watch it now, but for whatever reason, my dream took me there.  And it was fun!  I was getting to wear designer duds and the shoes!  Oh, the shoes!  Oh, and the boys were super cute too.  Forgot that part.

Snap back to my real life, which isn't so bad when I get to spend my days with a perfect angel baby.  We had the most fun yesterday.  She was "talking" up a storm!  Just jibber jabber all day.....  I can tell that it won't be long until she's really saying words that I understand.  She was sharing a book with her dad and out of the blue, she pointed to the rabbit and said "bunny."  She said it as if it were something she has said a million times.  We both cheered and clapped and repeated, "bunny, bunny!  Good girl!"  and she looked at us like we were nuts.  Every day, it's something new.

Her Nonie got her a baby this past weekend.  Baby is only named "Baby" until she's old enough to name her herself.  But her imagination is already wild with her new baby.  She puts her "ni-night" by chucking her into her crib.  I told her that child and family services will be visiting our apartment if she continues to throw her baby in that manner.  :)  She gives her baby love by licking her face.  It's how she kisses.  But first, she'll go "mmmmmm-mah" and then lick her face.  I'm just thankful that she doesn't lick ours (too bad) when she kisses us.  And over the weekend, her Gi-Gi gave her a little wagon that she can pull around with toys in it so it became "Baby's" bed on wheels?

That cabinet that she's standing in front of in the last picture has a mirrored back on it and she stands there all of the time to watch herself do different things.  This time, she was watching herself give her Baby "love", aka: hugs and lick her face.  Makes my heart melt.  How did I get so lucky to get such a beautiful daughter?  It doesn't get more perfect than her.

And I let her have her first Dum Dum sucker yesterday.  Thank you parade candy.  She got to hold it herself and I think that I said "don't bite it" about a hundred times.  She didn't listen.  So when it got small enough that I thought she could break it by biting it, in the trash it went and OHMYGOODNESS the tantrum that ensued from it being tossed!  Luckily, I also had some Smarties.  They eased the sucker withdrawal.

Not sure if I should celebrate her sharing behavior or not.....  They totally shared the whole sucker.  Took turns.  Ugh.  So gross.  But I didn't want to say anything to her and hurt her feelings.  She was so proud of herself for sharing with her "sister."

And while I'm on the whole "firsts" post, I knew that this would happen sooner or later.

She colored her window sill.  The more that she asks to color, I keep saying that one of these times she's going to escape with a crayon and do damage.  That day was yesterday.  Oh well, it's a rental and we're going to have to repaint this sill anyway because of Lucy's dirty paw prints.  This is "their" window.  It's in K's room and they fight over this spot when it's time for her dad to get home.  They can see the parking lot from here and love to watch him pull up and come in.  They both go absolutely nuts when he gets here.  She screams and smacks the window and yells, "da da, da da, da da" and Lucy barks.  It's just lovely.  And then when he comes inside, she runs from him.  Go figure.

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