Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celeb talk

I don't usually talk celeb smut on here....cause, well....I don't know why.  I just don't.  But over the past week or so I've come across US Weekly blurbs that have made me stop and say "Whaaaaa?" and then I saved the picture for a blogger rainy day.  Or a "it's deep cleaning day and I'm searching for anything and everything to do instead of cleaning" day.  And that's today.

So really, all that I wanted to say, celeb-wise is that this grosses me out.

Okay, the boy is like.....12.  He has the chest/body of a 6th grader.  And seeing him hot and heavy with some chick is so not cute.  Anyone else feel like this is just unnecessary for tabloids?  He's a kid!

And then, the only other thing that I wanted to say is that this reaffirms why I love Pink so very, very much.  Check her out!

Five days after giving birth, her and her new family hit the beach for some hiking.  And wait.....she *looks* just like I did 5 days after I had Kinley!  Whoa!  A celebrity that doesn't have 6 pack abs 11 minutes after giving birth?!  A celebrity that isn't in hiding until she recovers from plastic surgery childbirth?!  Unheard of!

So, way to go, Pink!  I salute you and am now an even bigger fan that I already was.  You are F***in Perfect!

And that's all the celeb news for now.

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