Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So What Wednesday

This week, I'm saying So What if:
  • I'm getting a zit on the tip of my nose and it hurts so freakin' bad.  Ugh.  See what I get for skipping my face washing before bed.  Grrr.
  • My goal for today is to soak in the sun.  With the Kage-ster.  Her dad got the baby pool out of storage last night, and I finally found a lounger at Ace Hardware.  She's going to splash, mommy is going to tan.  Sweetness!
  • I have my first paper due in my summer class on Tuesday.  I need to actually get started on it.... 
  • My family is coming in to town tomorrow through Tuesday.  Lord help me.
  • We are so freakin' broke.....actually, what's the level below broke?  Cause that's where we are.  Dave Ramsey needs to come and do an intervention on our butts cause we failed his classes with a big fat F. 
  • Maybe instead of playing in the sun today, I should try to make a budget.  Even though I have tried that 6,798 times and it never works for us.
  • I skipped the gym last night.  And today I feel like a tubbo.
  • I have worked out an average of 5 days a week for the past month....and I still weigh the exact same.  WTF.  I wish I had measured instead of weighed.
  • I smelled a great cologne on a random guy and asked him what it was so that I could buy it for my husband.  Whatever.  It was his anniversary gift.  :)
  • For my anniversary gift, I finally got this. (forgive the bad picture, apparently the iPhone doesn't have flash?  Or maybe I don't know how to use the flash if it does.)  And a box of chocolate.  Cause my butt isn't big enough yet.  But for sure will be when I polish off this box in a few days.
  • I still have not been placed for student teaching.  Yes, it starts in August and the university has NOT YET PLACED ME.  And yes, I am freaking out.  Majorly freaking out.  I harass the placement guy at least once a week and always get the "we're working on it" line.  I want to kick him in the shin.  Grrrrr.  Let me work on it!  Let me find my own placement.  But noooooo, that's against university policy.  THEN---he tells me that because of the teaching market that there is no guarantee that I will even get placed.  Ummmmm, excuse me?!  I believe that GSU will be refunding every.freakin.dime of tuition that I have paid if they drop the ball at graduation.  /end rant.  Needless to say, I'm freaking out a tad about this whole student teaching thing.

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Amanda said...

Omg, my diet last week went exactly the same way. I didn't work out, but I ate super-well, stayed within my calorie limit, etc... and I lost exactly no weight. I was pissed Sunday night, I went to DQ and got a Blizzard. What the hell...if I'm going to stay fat anyway, I might as well eat fun food!

(PS--Yes, the iphone has a flash. The "control" is in the upper left corner. You can turn it off, on, or set it to auto.)

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