Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So What Wednesday

Link up with Shannon at L.A.I.D to join in the So What Wednesday!

This week, I'm saying So What! if:
  • I'm trying to be ever so quiet while writing my blog this morning to keep Kage sleeping.  She's sleeping in!  It's after 7 and she's not up.  Almost unheard of....  and I just want to finish blogging before I hear that cry out.  Please oh please.
  • I don't miss my Facebook for personal reasons, but miss it greatly for blog reasons.  I've gotten so many messages saying that people wish I didn't quit blogging.  I DIDN'T!  I'm still here!  So I added the little gadget there on the right to enter your email address to be notified of my updates.  Just like the update notices on Facebook.  Kind of.  So enter your email address and not miss another post.
  • That last So What! was way too long.
  • I am really disliking how temporary our apartment feels.  I am so in love with this place.  Love the community.  Love the apartment.  Hate the bare walls, lack of curtains, lack of decor.
  • I can't get my hand out of the candy jar.  Stupid parade.
  • I fake baked at the gym yesterday morning and the used my 'mom day' to go bikini shopping and then parked by butt pool side yesterday afternoon.
  • I'm now a nice shade of red due to the above So What!
  • There were two groups of girls (my age or maybe a little younger) that were also sitting pool side with a 12 pack of Corona cans (no glass allowed at the pool) and I so wanted to be their friend.  Or maybe I just wanted their beer.  I wanted their friendship and beer.
  • I still haven't found a patio beer friend.  The upstairs neighbor that I had my sights on is too lame.  As if I'm so not.
  • I feel so dumb because I have no idea what all of this Weiner talk is about on the news.
  • I made it, Kage is still asleep.

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