Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh no, she's talking about poop again...

I have one of those mom gut feelings going on that something is not right with my baby girl.  It's the worst feeling in the world.  But it's something that you can't really describe and something that no one else feels but you.  So no one else understands the deep drive to fix whatever it is that is wrong...even if you're not quite sure what it is.

Kage has had strange diarrhea since, like, Saturday.  She only gets one cup of juice each morning, and even then it's the Motts for Tots Apple.  And if you've never tasted that, it's the most watered down juice ever.  And I water it down some more.  So I'm pretty sure it's not we've been giving it to her for months now.  I did add the Motts for Tots mixed berry juice into rotation just to give her a change of taste.  But she's only had one cup of that in the last couple of days.  Aside from her juice, it's all water that she drinks.  (She refuses to drink milk.)

So yesterday the diarrhea seemed to be worse.  At day care it was out of her pants twice.  And now she's got a raw butt.  I'm kind of mad at day care lady because she didn't catch the poop soon enough and now my poor baby is raw.  This isn't the first time that this happened at her house.  And when I got her home, she had dried diarrhea in her diaper.  On top of the already rashed butt.  She must have done it before/during nap and wasn't checked.

When she's at home, she is changed immediately after the #2 deed.  She doesn't sit more than 5 minutes in it.  Her butt is just too sensitive, and well, that's just gross.  I catch it immediately.  And I don't expect day care lady to be able to catch it as quickly as I do...she's got her own two kids to watch there too.  But for it be in her diaper long enough to cause that bad of a rash is crazy. 

And, she skipped her morning nap yesterday to give them a longer outside time.  I sort of get that, but she's a baby.  She needs her naps.  And she got up super early yesterday (6 a.m.) and then had to be up until 2:30 when she wanted to put her down.  That's just too long for a baby toddler.  I get that she wants all three kids on the same schedule and therefore kept them up so that her boys could have more time outside, but we made it clear that we want her to have two naps.

Maybe I'm being too picky.

But back to the poop problem.  So last night after I picked her up, I took her home and bathed her to get all poop off of her little bum.  She was acting okay so we continued with our plan to go out for dinner.  She ate terrifically: a corn dog, fries, broccoli and a pickle.   So her appetite isn't affected.  Then we went for a drive around our sweet little town and found another river front park that we'd not been to before.

This place has a real Dutch windmill that you can tour on the weekends.  I can't wait to check it out!

Kage is in love with 'quack quacks' so we walked her along the river and over the bridge (to grandmother's house we go!--sorry) to see the geese.  This group wasn't as rude at the last that we encountered. But they were surely looking for bread to be given to them!  She loved being able to "talk" to them.

But then as we were walking back over the bridge, we smelled another bout of the diarrhea.  I got her straight back to the car to get it changed.  Forgive the details here, but this is a poop post--it was a diaper full of peas.  Whole peas.  Lots of them.  She had peas for lunch that day.  So is she not digesting?  She eats peas all of the time, like twice a week.  So why is she not digesting?

I'm scared that something is wrong.  Something with her intestines or something.  She's playing, running, laughing, having fun, eating, drinking, acting otherwise normal.  I don't know what to do.  My mom says to give it today to see if it gets better. I know that if I call her pediatrician they'll say to "bring her in" because they say that about everything.  And then when I get there, they tell me to wait a few days and call if it continues.  So why waste the $50 co-pay?

I'm so worried about my baby. 

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Anonymous said...

Well, peas along with broccoli are natural laxatives. Maybe she's just eating too many foods that are high in fiber and it is making things move through her system too quickly?

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