Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pool Date!

Yesterday was one of those "good for the soul" type days.  Chicago finally warmed up and resembled summer.  The sun was shining.  Birds were singing.  Okay, so I really don't know if the birds were singing.  I just assume that they were.

So I sent my BFF a text:  Great day for the pool!

She responded that she'd be over by 1:00.

I texted both of my babysitting options and got a big fat no from both.  Okay, no biggie.  It was late notice.  BFF suggested that it'll be a nice "distraction" to have Kage there with us.  Haha  Oh boy, she just doesn't even know!

She actually didn't do too bad.  She "swam" for a bit and even allowed me to lay out for a few minutes.  Then she swam again.  Then it was obviously nap time.  So our "pool date" lasted all of about an hour?  Tops. 

Long enough for Miss Pocahontas to show up and make me feel like Shamu.  There is always one chick at every pool that never fails to make every other chick, feel like a jerk.  Ugh.  She has been there twice now when I show up with my wild toddler, dressed as a bee, with our bee floatie and bag filled with sippy cups, a floppy hat and towels.  I feel like such a mom sometimes.

I'm just jealous....not hateful.  It's all jealousy.  I just can't figure out how some girls can lose every bit of evidence that they gave birth.  I mean, she has a son.  And she has the flattest stomach, ever.  Ugh.  Here I go, throwing rocks at myself again.

We walked back home and put Kage to bed and planted our butts on the patio.  Finally.  I have my patio beer friend!  Well, I've had her all along but now I have my friend on my patio.  We drank beers, grilled food, ate food, got buzzed.  Kage woke up and we brought her outside to play.  Her dad came home and he joined us for food and a beer.  Her and I did a couple of cartwheels in the backyard to prove that we still "had it" even though we're old.  Kage loved it and kept signing for "more" cartwheels.  She doesn't realize how old we are and how hard those cartwheels are these days.

For dessert, she and I ran over to the DQ and got ice cream for everyone.

It was a genuinely good summer day.  A good day that I'll pay for at the gym later.  :)

After Kage went to sleep, BFF and I decided to go make-up shopping and had so much fun.  We both filled our cart with random stuff to try and colors to experiment with.  And walked out each spending $50 on less than ten items.  How does that happen so easily?
Shopping and Texting

I'm prepared for her wanting to kill me for posting that picture.  When she saw it, she specifically said not to Facebook it.  So I won't.  But I will blog it.  :)  Hey, at least I didn't take one of us in our bikinis, right?

I love warm days.  I love my BFF.

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uwmomma said...

I soo wish we had a pool nearby that we could swim in...but then again, summer weather would have to find Seattle, first :)

Can I ask where you got your daughter's bee bathing suit?! Bees are kind of our thing, and I'd love one like that! Too cute!

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