Monday, June 13, 2011

12 Hours in the car in 2 days...and survived.

I survived.  I survived the weekend that I have been dreading for some time.  The 6 hour drive to southern IL.  I seriously had my doubts and almost stayed home.  Yes, I was having my turn with the tantrum and threatened to not go because I just knew that the ride would be hell.

We endured our usual silence in the car, as we always do...aside from the random thought or Kinley-ism.  Most couples discuss thoughts and dreams of the future or plans to make or whatever.  Not us.  Silence is how we roll!  But then we're in marriage counseling too....go figure.

She actually did amazingly well on the ride there.  We decided to leave at 5:30 in the morning so that she would have to get up extra early and then sleep part of the ride.  And she did just as we had hoped.

The visit was good.  We got to spend time with his Aunt and Uncle and cousin (and cousin's girlfriend) from Boston.  The last time we saw them was at our wedding, almost 3 years ago. 

It is relaxing there.  But it's a lot of outdoor time.... and the more that I go there, the more that I realize how much I'm not an outdoorsy type of girl.  Bugs make me scream, jump, do a stupid dance and get laughed at.  And with it being the big Cicada infestation, there was a lot of Joy screaming, jumping and dancing.  And then their reaction of laughing their butts off.  I didn't find it funny.  My daughter, on the other hand, loves it outside and can't spend enough time out there.  I've learned that I'm a great outdoorsy person, in the city (or suburbs) but not a very good out-in-the-backwoods outdoorsy person.  There is a huge difference.

She wasn't scared of the bugs or the dirt--as long as the dirt wasn't on her.  I beamed with pride when she would come running for "help" when she would get dirt on her hands or the bottoms of her feet.  She would try to walk on her heels if she had dirt on her feet.  It upset her to get dirty!  Haha  That's my girl! 

On the way home, I got the great idea that we should stop half way home and have a picnic.  We knew we'd have to stop for dinner regardless and instead of getting her out, changing her (she travels in a sleeper), fixing her hair (she ripped out her ponytail and looked a bit like La Roux), and making her sit in a highchair that she didn't want to be in--why not just run through a drive thru and find a park to go to.  Like a boy girl scout, this momma is prepared.  I have a huge blanket in my car for park excursions, so we did just that.  Talk about a great idea!  pats herself on the back  Lucy was able to get out and enjoy some time on her leash.  K was able to take a bite and run, take a bite and run, take a bite and run.....and I was able to attempt to eat while watching out for the running toddler with food in her mouth.  Okay, so maybe it wasn't a win situation for the adults involved, but we're not the ones crying and flipping out for 4 of the 6 hour car ride.  Not usually, anyway.

After she ate and ran for a bit, we all loaded back up and made the trip home in peace.  It is definitely a new part of our permitting.

So now we're home and done traveling, for a few weeks anyway.  I have a bazillion things to unpack.  Laundry up the wazoo to do and grocery shopping that needs done.  I have no energy to do any of it.  But am ever so thankful that K is sleeping in today.  After all, she was up late "working" on the computer.  She had a lot of things to catch up on.

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