Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's hell to get old...

Yesterday, the princess was an over-achiever with her morning nap.  I was able to blog, clean, shower AND do my hair.  And then she was still sleeping.  Ugh.  I ended up waking her up.

She's 17 months old now, and I think she's working up to the whole one nap a day thing.  She's been doing one morning and one afternoon.  At day care, she does two a day.  But the 'daycare lady' wakes her up after about an hour in the morning to ensure a long afternoon nap.  I normally let her do whatever she wants.

So she goes down around 9:30-10 and then sleeps till almost 1.  Yeah.  I know.  I need to stop that.  Today, I will.  I plan to have her up by noon to eat and then back down at 3.  Cause this super long morning nap then leads to no afternoon nap which turns into super crank Kinley by 5:30.  Her dad has been working late now that the weather has changed.  He gets home after 6 most nights and she's been wanting to go to bed at 7:30-8:00.  He rarely sees her. 

We'll see how this nap turns out.  But as much as I enjoy my 'me time', I will call it quits by noon.

We did our one hour walk again this morning.  We were off by 6:30 and the day was just beautiful again today.  I hope that we can keep it up.  It really makes me feel better about myself, and it's good for her to have the fresh air.

I'm really feeling poopy about myself and my self image.  You ever get that way?  Where no matter what you do, you just don't feel pretty?!  That's where I'm at.  I feel so old and frumpy.  It doesn't help that I fell off of the diet wagon.  I'm just not good at dieting.  I *love* food way too much.  And even worse, I love chocolate.  I just polished off a chocolate bunny.  Hey, it was on clearance the week after Easter.  I had to buy it.  Had to.

Not only am I down and out about my weight but my skin just sucks lately.  And I know that diet and skin go hand in hand.  I know.  Chocolate isn't good for my skin.  But I've always had a chocolate addiction and haven't felt so ick about my skin.  I need a new skin care regimen.  That's what it comes down to.

I could easily walk into any department store or stand alone skin care brand store and sit in one of those director's chairs and have a chick in a white lab coat set me up....but let's face it, I don't have a 2-300 budget for skin care.  Maybe ten percent of that.  I'm talking Target here, peeps.  Not Nordstrom. 

A while back, I bought the Mary Kay Timewise set.  It had the cleanser, day lotion, night lotion and moisturizer.  And while I wasn't overly excited about it while I was using it, I do notice a difference now that I'm not using it.  Make sense?  But not enough of a difference to make me want to blow $60 on another set.  And I still have the full night solution bottle, because, well.....I suck at night time skin care.  I pass out without taking the time to wash my face.  Sue me.

But I do wash my face in the shower with whatever cleanser I have.  Right now, I'm using a BareMinerals cleanser.  Mom got me a set for Christmas (?) that has the cleanser, moisturizer and some firming eye cream stuff.  I just found it under the sink the other day and decided to give it a try since the Mary Kay stuff ran out.  I really don't like it.  The cleanser doesn't feel like it's cleaning much of anything. 

I think that I need a good exfoliater or something.  Cause my skin doesn't feel smooth.  And it doesn't look even colored anymore.  Dare I say that I'm aging?!  *gasp!*  And while I'm picking on myself....let's not forget my pores.  Ugh.  My pores seem so huge!  And the eye baggage....lord help me.  I look like I packed for a month-long trip under my eyes.

And what's up with the whole décolletage?  And yes, I had to google that word to know how to spell it.  It's not looking very 20-ish anymore either!  I guess I need to do something about that too.  Do they (they?  who?) make products for that?

What products to you use/recommend?  I need a serious skin care make-over.  Serious peeps.  It's getting ridiculous.

And what about make-up?  Do you use the mineral powder?  I remember hearing that it was the latest and greatest for your skin but that had to be years ago.  Is there something better out there now?  I've been using Mary Kay mineral powder for-evah and don't even know if there is something else that I should be trying.  Cause let's face it...I'm not thrilled with it either.

I don't want to feel old....that's for sure.  But even more so, I don't want to look old.

I have some friends that I haven't seen in a few years. has been about four years, I guess.  I am mortified of running in to them around town or while I'm on my morning walk.  Why?  Because I've let myself go.  I've really let myself go.  I used to be so particular about my appearance.  Now?  I'm just a frumpy mom.  How embarrassing.

And as bad as it is to fake bake....I'm so tempted to do it. Let's face it, tan fat is prettier than white fat! :)  I'm terrified of self tanners.  I keep getting images of those early 90s self tanners than made you look like an oompa loompa.  And I've heard of the spray tanning, but I tried that before my wedding and ended up looking like a Malibu Barbie gone bad.  I was so orange and my BFF and I had to loofa it off of my skin.  It was so bad.  Luckily I tried it a few weeks before the wedding and not the day before.  And let's not forget the Ross spray tanning episode on Friends.  That makes me crack up, every. single. time.  Sooooo, yeah.  Not doing the spray tan route. 

And I've heard of the air brush tan....but how long does that last?  And how expensive is it? 

See....fake baking is so much more economical and easier.  But it's so bad.  Just like everything else in life, if it's cheap and's bad for you!

All that I'm saying is that a change has to start now.  has to.

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