Friday, May 13, 2011

I have 'that kid', ugh.

I had to make a trip to campus today to drop off some paperwork for student teaching and to pick up my final (68/70 baby!) and journal from one of my professors.  I chose to not take the stroller in because I didn't feel like dealing with it.  And I thought, she can walk, right?!  Oh, boy.  Talk about a headache.

Secretly, I was excited to take her on campus.  I told her that this is mommy's school and this is where I sometimes go when she's with 'daycare lady.'  Yeah, she didn't care one bit.  She was more interested in waving at the 'big trucks' (maintenance vehicles on campus).  Whatever.  They enjoyed her waving.

We dropped off the paperwork.  The lady wasn't in her office (surprise, surprise) so we left them in her inbox and will cross our fingers that they don't get up and walk away.  The next stop.... not so easy.  The journal and exam were locked in an office and the only one that had the key was on the phone.  I'm so sure that she heard me wrestling with my toddler in the hallway.  Kinley was fah-reaking out because she wanted to run loose.  Now mind you, we are in the Professors offices building.  It's nice and quiet and neat and clean.  So not a place for a wild child.  But Kinley did not care!  She was bound and determined to break free from my grasp.  And she did.  And she ran and squealed and laughed and then turned around and waved at me and said buh-bye (in that cute southern accent that I have no idea where she got it).  I had to turn around and laugh before dealing with her. 

I quickly scooped her up and she cried and cried.  I'm sure it sounded as if I were kidnapping a child or something.  But still, the lady would not get off the phone.

Finally, a professor came out to help me.  Or to shut my kid up.  She got the key and asked if she could "enjoy" Kinley while I searched for my binder and exam.  Gladly, I handed her over.  And Kin didn't freak, as she usually does when stranger danger approaches.

I got my final.  Got my journal.  Away we go.

I decided to let her walk back through the building to leave.  She thought she was hot stuff on the bridge! 

I then let her walk to the elevator and step on all by herself.  I know that the little crack between the building floor and the elevator floor is like one inch, but I was super panicking that she would fall down the crack.  I couldn't watch as she stepped on.  And she did fine.  And she felt so proud that she was getting on the elevator all by herself.  She laughed when she felt it move and stop.  So cute.

And then it was time to step off the elevator.  And she did so without any problems.  I still didn't watch as she stepped over the crater crack.

I was then trying to convince her to come and follow me but instead she decided that the elevator was much more fun and wanted to get back on.  She didn't understand why the doors were closing and not reopening.

So, she did what she felt was best for the situation at hand and threw herself on the floor.  And then she screamed.  And then she kicked.  And then she rolled.  And then she screamed some more.  And then she smacked her own thigh (because she was really telling me!).  Ohmygosh.  I have 'that kid.'  Ugh.

I walked away (not really, just a few steps) and told her bye-bye.  She hurried up and jumped up and ran after me.  We then approached a few steps up to go toward the cafe and she wanted to do them all by herself.  And I let her.

But then she wanted to turn around and go back down.  Uh no.  Mommy wants to get home.  Like, sometime today.

So, what does she do?!  Throws herself on the floor yet again.  And yes, second verse, same as the first.  Rolling, screaming, kicking, slapping her own thigh (she's really telling me!).  Mind you, I'm carrying a binder, my exam, my purse and a sippy cup.  Hands are kind of full.

I put all of this stuff down to grab her.  Then pick up my stuff.  And then she starts twisting and turning trying to break free.

I end up carrying her out of the building (after passing through the cafe--at noon--hello, I'm the freak side show for your lunchtime entertainment) like a sack of potatoes on my hip. 

And then on the way home, she decided that maybe she is tired.  Really?!  I would have never guessed.

And then, she slept.  And the day's events were forgiven.  Because that's what happens when cute babies fall asleep.  Their mommies forget and fall in love all over again.

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terri said...

I think that everyone has "that kid" its just before we had kids, we were like, omg "that kid" is awful, id smack them" lol

I have carried both of mine out kicking and screaming, and I think "omg what the hell is wrong with my kids" and then I remember, oh yea, they are kids"

I used to put mackenzie in the stroller everywhere we went. but jonathan, if I dont have to take out the stroller I dont, I have dragging that thing around.

our kids are growing up :( its fun, but its sad.

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