Monday, May 23, 2011

In a nutshell...

Every time that we get home, I say that I will never make that trip again.  Six hours to get to southern IL to see my in-laws.  SIX HOURS.  With a toddler.  And a dog.  Ugh.  The ride there is usually tolerable.  We've learned to leave super early in the morning instead of at night....because if we leave at night, she sleeps the whole way and then wants to stay up all night long.  No fun.  So we leave early and hope that she takes a short nap through at least half of the trip.  And she mostly did just that.  On the way home, not so much.  She was awake the whole time.  And she was not diggin' the car seat. She wanted out.  Now.

I think that I heard the Super Why video about 60 times.  And the Baby Einstein show, oooooooh about 100.  And then we had the Will.I.Am song on repeat for over an hour. 

That was on the way there...and back.

On top of that, it is silence in the front seat as well because we just don't talk much.  Wanna go on a road trip with this family!?  *big grin*  Didn't think so?

I did make it in time to attend my friend's baby shower and had a really good time.  Despite looking a hot mess from the insane humidity there that has yet to find Chicago and the sweating from chasing a toddler while wearing wedge shoes.  I literally watched my hair go from a nice flat ironed look to the look of a poof ball while on the trip up.  Nice.

Kage had a blast showing off at the shower and she wore her little zebra print dress and gladiator sandals.  I could have eaten her up.  Love that kid!  But, I have zero pictures to show you because although my husband said he packed the camera, it didn't actually become found until long after the shower ended.  We pack well.

After the shower, we met friends for dinner and then I was dropped off for my girls night!

Ohmagosh that was fun.  We started at Applebees for drinks.  I know, you're asking, "Wha?  Applebees for drinks?"  Whatever.  Yes.  Applebees for drinks.  And two of us (not me, I just ate dinner, remember?) ate.  I had Corona.  Yum-mo.  We quickly became "that table" and we're pretty sure that the older couple sitting not too far from us, complained.  Or that's how it seemed when they called the manager to their table and then complained while POINTING at our table.  Seriously fogey?  Get your depends out of a wad.

We weren't really doing anything wrong....maybe we got a little loud on the second round.  But what the heck?  We were sitting in the bar.  It's not our fault that Applebees puts their sober tables close to the drunk tables.  And so what if we were talking about sex and man bashing (a little bit).  We obviously were not phased.

We stayed for about two hours until the movie was about to start and then paid our tabs.  I could be wrong, but there may have been a round of applause when we got up to leave.  I'm not sure.  I thought that I was being carried out on Aladdin's carpet....but it could have been the Corona that I was feeling.

The movie Bridesmaids was next on our list.  Let me just say that the worst part about going to the theater with a buzz is that you are completely surrounded by people that aren't buzzed.  Total buzz kill.  Anyway, the movie was so funny.  I mean, so.freakin.funny.  Like, I would spend another $10 to see it again.  Probably two more times.

And then we all hung out in the parking lot gossiping and just being girls wishing that the night wasn't over.  Those girls make my world go 'round and I sure wish I could see them more.  I think that I'd be feeling so much more sane (more sane?  saner?) if I had them in my corner.  I miss them more than words can say.

See, I'm a hot mess.  Frumpy, ugh.
The following day, we met up with my friend Bethany again (above in the green) and she did Kage's 18 month pictures.  She's done her pictures for every milestone from 6 months and up.  She does an amazing job and it's just a hobby.  The girl should totally go professional....but she's doing this nursing thing instead.  :)  But we had so much fun running (chasing) our babies through wheat fields and down gravel paths while praying for the perfect photo op.  Those 6 month and 9 month photo shoots were SO much easier.  They sat still and we posed them.  I tell ya...this toddler thing is NUTS!

My baby is getting so big.  But I'm so glad that Bethany has been there to capture every milestone for me.  And I honestly feel that she loves my baby girl as much as a non-mommy could.  Just as I love her son...him and Kage have been 'besties' since they were just a few months old.  And we hope to keep it that way.  Initially we said they would grow up to be married but the more time that goes on, I think that they are going to be like brothers and sisters.  Which is a perfect excuse for me to say (yet again) that I don't need to have any more children!  She's got the Carder-bug!

Such a wonderful weekend.  Despite the crazy ride home.  And I again said that I will never make that trip again, but the next one is already scheduled.  I'm seriously thinking about looking in to a train ticket or plane ticket next time though.  Six hours each way, in two days, is too much for a baby girl (and her mommy).

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Bethany said...

I had so much fun too!!! I will always be in your cornrt and there for Kinley's pics. I love that little girl like crazy and you like a sister!! All you have to do is yell if you need me and I'll be there!!

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