Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Truck!

Despite it only being a half 'me day' it was a good one.  Kage slept in until almost 8, which is normally unheard of.  And then she went to day care at noon.  We played hard all morning! 

After I dropped her off, my hunt began for an outfit for the baby shower that I'm going to this weekend.  I had an hour and a half to kill before my waxing appointment and I was determined to find something that didn't make me look like a frumpy mom.  Hmmmm, I walked out an hour and a half later with three outfits for Kinley and nothing for myself.

How does that happen?

Probably because everything looks good on her and nothing looks good on me.

I know that my diet is pretty much non-existent.  Other than watching my calories (I do stay under my daily 1200) but when it comes to exercise, that's not happening.  And I'll admit that I'm lazy.  I won't feed you the million excuses that I feed to myself.  But I'm not happy with how I look.  Most days.  And well, I hate the way that everything looks on me.

So I guess my first mistake is that I automatically go to the juniors department for my clothes.

That is where I have always shopped.  Always.

Well, until now, I guess.

The juniors clothes don't fit this body that pushed a 6 pound baby through these hips.  They fit like a square.  But then, my new favorite jeans are from the juniors department and they fit fine......  so what gives?  I couldn't find a pair of capris to save my life.  And a shirt?  Ha  That was even worse.  What is with the styles today?  I think that they all look a bit ridiculous.  And a bit maternity.  I had to wear that stuff for 5 months.  Not interested in continuing the trend.

I tried two stores.  The first store, Kage got three outfits.  The second, she got one, her dad got a shirt and I bought myself a travel cup.  Yes.  A travel cup.  How in the h-e-double hockey sticks did I walk out with a travel mug?  ADD maybe? 

I did try on some bras though.  Since stopping the breastfeeding (at 15 months, go me!), I've yet to have my boobs re-measured.  And my bras (while making me look more busty than I am) totally don't fit.  I tried three different sizes and none were a go.  Guess I may have to go to VS and get sized.  But the husband claims that if I am trying to lose weight, that I should wait to get new bras.  He doesn't understand the uncomfortable-ness of a bra that doesn't fit.  He's just trying to keep me from spending money.  I know his game. 

Oh, and I did get hair ripped out of my face by the root.  That was awesome.  I feel so much better now and so much more confident.  I went to a new salon in the downtown area of this little town that I love.  Well, it's not a new salon....but a new to me salon.  There was no cucumber water.  But that's okay.  This chick rocked.  She waxed, had great conversation AND applied new make-up so that I didn't look all red and freshly waxed.  That was awesome.

Which allowed me to then continue my shopping....and get a new travel cup. 

After getting the Kage-ster, I called her dad and asked him if he'd like us to stop and visit him at work.  He had just gotten back in to the shop and Kin LOVES, LOVES, LOVES "big trucks" and well, he works with big trucks.  So I thought she'd get a kick out of seeing her dad and big trucks all in the same place.  He loved showing her off and she loved the big trucks.  She was waving at them and saying "buh-bye ba ba" which translates to "bye-bye big truck."  And buh-bye" is universal for hello and good-bye in her world. " Sooooo cute.  And the manly men that he works with even got all baby-fied when they saw her. 

Sorry, to protect all of those involved, I chose to white out the
company name and location.
She had a blast.  This truck that she's standing on is the one her "Uncle Dave" drives.  He's a very close friend of ours and him and her daddy work together.  He actually introduced her dad and I.  Gee, thanks Dave.  :)  But her daddy's truck was a bit too messy and dangerous for mommy to be comfortable with....  he wanted to take her up in the bucket.  Ummmm, no.  Luckily, he was joking.

On our way home, we stopped at the dreaded McDonald's because I had to try the new strawberry lemonade.  And since I had only had strawberries to eat all day long, I could splurge on the calories.  Soooo yummy.  But Kage kept asking for a drink and while I don't mind sharing, I had to quickly remember that a baby sucking frozen lemonade from a straw could cause a serious brain freeze.  So I had to change my approach and load the straw with a small amount and let her suck it from the end of the straw.  I'd just cry if my baby had a brain freeze.  Can babies get a brain freeze?

We even got one for her daddy.  And she got fries.  Even though I was that mom that said her baby would never eat McDonald's.  Yum..those words taste good.

You see, my husband likes to think that I don't appreciate him or respect him.  So I have been doing extra over-time to prove that I do.  Geez.  I appreciate and respect everyone.  Well, almost everyone.  I'm not a meanie.  So there (sticking my tongue out), I took her to see you at work AND got you a lemonade.

We ended our night by going downtown to try a new Mexican restaurant (can you tell that it was payday?).  OMG.  It was so good.  So, so, so good.  I can't wait to eat my left overs.  Chimichangas are good for breakfast, right?

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