Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who's in it to win it?

What do you do when your marriage becomes a competition?

I have washed the dishes two nights in a row! 
Well, I washed them all of last week!

I bathe the baby every night!
Well, I did it the other day!

I do all of the cooking and shopping and budgeting...
Well, I go to work every day.

Why does a marriage become a competition?

It seems that every day is full of the 'one-up' race.  I did this but you did that better.  Or, you did this but I did that more.

And then it goes to the place of fighting over who is more committed to the relationship....  and that is where things get tough.

I try every day to keep you happy.
Well, I try harder to make you happy and you never even notice.

I try to be the perfect spouse.
Well, I can't tell that you're trying.

Who really wins?

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CUBS said...

Marriage is, and should be a two way street...not one way. Whether it's taking care of the baby/kids, cooking, shopping, budgeting, etc., both sides need to take turns. Nowadays, both parents are working to make a living, so the tasks, whatever they may be, should be shared. A stay at home mom, or dad, is a full-time job in itself, and can be very trying at times. Some even say a stay at home parent, if they were to be paid, would actually make a good chunk of change!!!!

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