Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend Warriors

The time has come to release the weekly meme!  I'm kind of excited about it.  For two reasons really, 1) cause I love reading memes and 2) I miss my blogging friends over the weekend when the blogging world goes dormant!

So here it is:  Weekend Warriors!

Tell me what you're weekend plans are....

What do you hope to accomplish?  Nothing/everything?  I think that a person's weekend plans tell a lot about them.  So dish...

Weekend Warriors
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I'm a weekend warrior:
1.  My husband is working tomorrow, so I'm hoping that Kinley and I feel well enough to go and spend the last of our Kohl's giftcard on new school clothes for mommy.  Then most likely some grocery shopping.
2.  Saturday night will most likely include the husband and I attempting to watch a movie and not fall asleep.  I am praying that him and I feel better by then.
3.  Church on Sunday morning!  Then a road trip...and we'll get to see how Kinley likes her new DVD player and Super Why DVDs in the car. 
4.  Sunday night will be home to watch some TV and get to bed early.

The weekends always go too fast.

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