Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So What


This week, I say SO WHAT:
  • if I am still breastfeeding my 14 month old.  *I* am not ready to wean.
  • if my last two therapy sessions have addressed the issue of me being afraid to wean her.
  • if my homework "to do" list is 8 assignments deep and I feel  like I'm drowning.
  • if we're moving in 2 weeks and have yet to pack a single thing.
  • if my mom, step-dad, sister and nephew are coming in three days and I have yet to clean my house.
  • if my house hasn't been cleaned thoroughly in over a week.  We've all been *so, so, so sick* over here.
  • if our Christmas lights are still up on our house, not on, but up.  (You're not alone, Shannon.)
  • if I think of a blog to write every day but never find the time to sit and write it. 
  • if I feel like I'm drowning.
  • if instead of a blog, I leave you with my new favorite song.  The message moves me.

1 comment:

Raegan is my world said...

13 months and still nursing Raegan and I do not see it coming to an end within the next few months.

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