Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

What a crazy weekend!  We were on the go the whole time, or it felt like it anyway.

My husband's brother and his girlfriend (the brother's girlfriend, not my husbands....cause that would be weird) came up early Saturday morning and are staying with us through tomorrow (Monday) afternoon (I'm writing this super late Sunday night {super late meaning 10:30 p.m.} and not sure when I'll get it finished and published).  Whew, that was a lot of explaining....and a lot of ( ). 

Moving onward.

Saturday morning we went to a local health fair where Mike Ventrella and his mother, Maria, from Biggest Loser season 9, were doing a meet and greet.  We also got to meet Jerry and Stella and I got to have a pretty lengthy conversation with Jerry.  It made my day.  That guy is amazing!  He told me some "secrets" about the Ranch and just talked to me like we were old friends.  Super cool guy.

After our "brush with celebrities," I had a hair appointment at the cucumber water salon, remember that place? 

On Friday evening, I decided to talk with one of their stylists while I was there for my eyebrow wax design.  She was shocked at the cut that Ulta (in Wheaton) left me was BAD.  She walked me through step by step of what she thought she could do to help me fix the I booked with her for Saturday afternoon.

My brother in law and his girlfriend came along and had massages done while my hair was fixed, or as fixed as it could get after the severe butcher job (from Ulta in Wheaton).

And yes, this time, I had the cucumber water.  And it was very.......cucumber-y.  Refreshing, yes.  But very cucumber-y.

So now, my hair is fixed to the best of her ability and I'm just going to have to keep my trims at every 8 weeks until we can get it to where it should have been.  So frustrating.

She really didn't have to take much length off...just fix the half inch difference.  And the layers....oh the layers....they were/are a wreck.

We spent the rest of our weekend doing touristy stuff since we had the out-of-towners with us.  You know, going to the food places that you just really don't visit unless you have friends/family Giordano's.  We love the pizza, but it's just not somewhere we go by ourselves.  Maybe we should start, cause it is great pizza.  There are just so many pizza places to choose from, I guess.

This is a picture of us from Giordano's and I swear it reminds me of a picture of The Farmer in the Dell.  If "Dell" meant wife or something. But it doesn't.  I just looked it up, it means "small wooded valley" and well, I'm not that.  But if I were....we could call  this picture "The Farmer in the Dell."  Whatever.  Don't you get that vibe from this picture?

On Sunday, we went to Church ABC and the brother-in-law and the girlfriend came with us.  She loved it, the brother-in-law had no opinion.  Typical.  I enjoyed it and my husband enjoyed it.  And Kinley did great in the nursery again.  The ladies that were watching her said "she's going to be walking at any second."  And I know this.  I'm in denial.  I'm not ready yet.  Ugh.  And her starting day care this week means that I could quite possibly miss the first walking day.  She's taken a few steps here and there but I don't want to miss that day that she decides that it's time to be a walker.  That's hard.

It has been exhausting but fun. 

So not ready to start this new week.  School starts in full swing and I have had to pick up another class (ugh!) so now I'm gone three days a week.  Not happy about that one bit.

I'm tired, so until tomorrow....


Amanda said...

Haha, first of all, congrats on getting the brother in law to go to church! Secondly, not surprised one bit that he had no opinion! As for walking, it's hard to think they may take their first steps somewhere else. I had an entire year to think about it and realize it is going to happen. I have a fabulous babysitter who does not mention her "firsts", she lets us tell her all about them and doesn't act like she has seen them but I am pretty sure she has. But I am still crossing my fingers that just maybe I won't miss it.

GinaClaire said...

Okay now I am really sure I need a trip up there I really want Giordano's and Portillo's. Ugh even though one bite would send me into a full pants unbuttoning food coma :O) I can not believe you met Michael and his mom. I adore him, he is so handsome (sorry Joshie had I met Michael first..... ;o) ) There is no rest for you and the family always going somewhere or someone coming there. I hope you find a home at church ABC it sounds wonderful so far. Hugs

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