Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm addicted to tiny and cute clothes...

It's no secret that I have a bad shopping habit when it comes to Kinley and her wardrobe.  The child has enough to go round, and around again.

I've vowed to part with them time and time again.  And then when I get them sorted and listed on Craigslist, I chicken out.  Parting with them is like parting with all of the memories of her in those cute little outfits.

And then I realized that the memories will still be there, even if the clothes are not.

So my husband and I went downstairs and lugged out all seven (!) extra large space bags full of clothes that she can't wear anymore and began sorting.  We remembered the times when she wore this or wore that...and my husband was completely shocked at how I remembered a memory for almost every outfit.  "Oh, she wore this one the very first time she sat in a shopping cart!" or "Oh, this one she wore to her first swimming lesson!"  I remember. 

But, it's not reasonable to think that I can keep every outfit, every sock, every sleeper that she's ever worn.  We kept one space bag full for the outfits that are super special.  The ones she wore for pictures, the first sleepers that she wore in those newborn days, the outfit she came home in.  Those are in safe keeping for her to have one day to show her children.

Now that it's all sorted by size and type, I advertised having an indoor yard sale, "by invitation only."  Everything is priced and ready to go...and this time, my husband "supervised" my pricing because my old trick was to price everything so high that none of it would sell.  hehehehe I'm clever.  :)


GinaClaire said...

That is your own consignment store there sweetie. It is hard to part with items that have memories. I have kept about 5-7 outfits for each size/stage. That way if by chance I am blessed again I have a back up plan since its a 50/50 shot to be a boy.

Hugs you will make some other little girls really well dressed

Beth Ann said...

If we knew we was having a girl, I would be interested in some of the clothes.

Heather said...

I need to get rid of some of Parker's clothes as well, I have 5 big totes stuffed full of them! My excuse is that I'm waiting for summer so I can have a yardsale... lol

Brandy Junge said...

I'm keeping almost all of Ev's clothes in case we have another girl. After that, I'll be getting rid of everything except the special ones :) I know how hard it is!

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