Friday, January 21, 2011

Hot legs?

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love Rod Stewart.  His music is pretty jammin'.  I mean, for a soft rock kind of day.  Let's face mom exposed me to "her music" very early on, and I admit, I'm a fan.  And I like Rod Stewart.

But I watched Ellen today (from the DVR, not current) and saw him perform and all I can say  he's aged.  And not well.  For some reason, his legs creep me out.  They just look so..... old.  Like if he were in a pair of PJ pants, he'd totally look like my grandpa!  But he's not in PJ pants, he's trying to look stylish and hot.  And I can't see him that way.

I mean, kudos to him for still kickin' it, but I rather just listen and not watch. 

And, to think he's going on tour with Stevie Nicks.  I'd love to hear that show!  Hear.  Not see.

What do you think?

Edited to add:  Seriously, Rod?  You are going to spank yourself?  On Ellen?  Really?

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