Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Despite being on a spending freeze (well, mostly), I am falling short in my wardrobe for school this semester.  We are required to dress professionally: dress slacks and dress shirts. 

Kind of makes me crazy, because the teachers in this school wear jeans and hoodies.  But our professors remind us that they *have* a job and we *want* a job.  Okay, okay.  Point taken.  Dress pants and heels it is.


My dress clothes are all from the larger Joy.  They range in sizes from 8-11 and I'm a 4-6 right now.  Sooooo, now what?

I hold on to clothing for much longer than the average girl.  I mean, I have some dress pants that are close to ten years old!  But then the size 4-6 that I used to have, I sold in yard sale.  Seems I got a little disappointed in myself when they didn't fit anymore and sold them off to not have the reminder. 

And then I got smart and created a "Clothes That Don't Fit" bin. 

I can now put my larger sizes in there, just in case. 

But I'm still without clothes in the right size.

So what's a reformed girl to do?


Let's face it, thrift store shopping is nothing new.  Those trendy people that can pull off a Hefty bag and fringed boots shop the thrifts all the time, and find some amazing stuff.

I'm so not one of those trendy shoppers.  Not even close.

I donate there often and now shop there often.

I feel so very fortunate to live in the area near some very affluent areas and let's face it....their "trash" is my "treasure." 

Point today:  I scored two pair of "just like new" slacks from The Limited.  Current style.  Perfect fit (the Drew fit, for all of my fellow Limited lovers).  And guess what?

I paid $10.68 for both slacks.  With tax.

Dang-o, dang-o.

Now, if only they had some shirts that I liked.


Rachel said...

I loved to shop at Clothes Mentor over by Burlington Coat Factory by the Aurora Fox Valley Mall on 59. I think they have a website if you want to google it. A lot less to wade through to find good buys.

Melissa said...

I'm on a "spending freeze" too. Check it out on I just did a "No Spend January" and now going on to "No Spend February" :)

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