Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Ramsey class

Daycare is exhausting.
This morning I did a practice run.  Got up at 4:30 (actually 4:15, thankyouverymuch Kinley).  I had to nurse her and finally got into the shower when I put her back down at about 4:50.  So I was a bit behind.  With my new lack-of hair situation, getting ready didn't take nearly as long.  So there, I found the silver lining in my dark cloud.

I found yesterday that not only is it too short, but she cut it crooked.  The left side is longer than the right.  Ugh.  I just gets better and better.

My husband got Kinley out of bed at 6 after we had cooked/packed her breakfast and we spent some family time together before he left for work and I loaded her up.  She was surprisingly very cooperative!

The commute was easy!  Very easy.  It took about 50 minutes.  So it seems that I won't have to be as rushed as I initially thought.  Of course this could have just been a good traffic day.  You just never seem to know in Chicago. 

Last night we went to the Dave Ramsey course at Church ABC.  It's called Financial Peace University.  They offered free childcare, so that was nice that we were actually able to sit and listen and comprehend what was going on instead of juggling an active toddler.

I didn't really learn anything that I didn't already finance has always been pretty high up on my list of interests.

It's been one of those "back of the mind" careers that I've held on to...just in case.  There are two things that I can see myself doing if the whole teaching thing doesn't work out...(but why wouldn't it, right?).  One is the finance field.  I would love to be a financial coach for couples....I think that would be neat.  But maybe I wouldn't be very good at it, considering I'm a Dave Ramsey student now.  I obviously need my own coach! 

The second thing that I'd love to pursue is to become a Lactation Consultant.  Now I'm not sure if you have to actually have a nursing degree to do that, and if you do, then forget about it.  But if not, I would soooo love to do it!

I got side tracked.

Back to the Dave Ramsey class.  For those that haven't taken the 13 week course, it's basically broken into seven "baby steps."  And there isn't anything "baby" about them.  They are gonna be some work!  Heck, even step number 1 is super intimidating. Saving $1000 into an emergency fund as quickly as you can.  Ummmm, define quickly?  haha

It surprised me to see how many people actually came to the class.  I expected five or six....but not a full room!  It wasn't a big room, but probably 20 people, I'd say.  And the ages were so diverse.  It was refreshing.  So we're not the only ones that need financial help!?  Wow! 

Our biggest downfall is that we're a "right now" family.  We want something and we want it right now.  And we're so not disciplined.  We say that we are...but we're not.  So this will be a true test for us.  But we're taking the classes together and together we are going to support each other to succeed.

If you're interested, you can locate a class here.  We've only been to the one, but we really are excited about it.

And on a side note, I did send a chat message to my Words with Friends opponent...and she replied back.  She's 31 and from MD.  Hmmm, that was all that we said.  And I'm okay with that.  So, I guess it's not Oprah. 

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