Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Worst Mom of the Year goes to.....

I just had one of those mommy moments....the kind that make you thank God that it happened the way it did otherwise it would have been really, really, REALLY bad.

I always thought that my biggest fear was clowns, or spiders, or styrofoam, or ticks, or.......  but no.  It's the unknown harm that is in my home.  So innocently, I have been decorating for Christmas around the house.  Little things here and there.  The tree will hopefully go up one night this week.

On one of our tables, I always have a candle to burn.  Normally, a seasonal scent.  A few days ago, I got out the "Snow" scented Yankee that I bought a few months ago.  Sat it out on top of a Christmas plate, and ta-da.  Decor.

I walked to the entry way to start setting up the Christmas-y stuff on the entry way bench when I hear crash, clang, waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!


She just pulled the Christmas plate AND *burning* candle off of the table!

Worst mom ever.

She is okay.  And here is where I thank God that the "what-ifs" didn't happen.

What if the candle had been burning more than 1 mintue?  That hot wax....on my baby!
What if the flame got her or her hair on it's flight off the table!?
What if the flame caught the carpet as it rolled to its resting place under the recliner?

God and Dad are watching over us.  No doubt.
All of those things that could have happened, didn't.  But that doesn't mean that I didn't sit and hold my baby and cry for a good half hour after it happened.

This is the hard way to realize that your itty bitty baby is now tall enough (on her tippy toes) to reach the top of the table.  And everything on it. 

The table was arranged like the picture prior to the tumble.  And now....  I put the huge music box in place of the candle and two of the pictures.  Hopefully, I pray, that she doesn't attempt the music box.  And if she does, I'm 99.9% sure that it's waay to heavy for her to pull down.  But I'm also about 99.9% sure that I'm about to say good-bye to this table completely until she's over the whole "try to do chin-ups on everything that is too tall for me" stage.

Ugh.  Give me a heart attack.

Oh, and that candle and live on top of the stove.  Where she *can not* reach.  Yet.


Heather said...

You are NOT the worst mommy ever! They are sooo tricky at this age and can do things that we could never imagine them being able to do! Glad Kinley is okay, and try not to dwell on it =)

Ruthie said...

I made candles for years and had a similar incident happen. Not trying to sell you, but that's exacly why I switched to Scentsy ( They are kid and pet friendly in situations like this. (other then the possible bump on the head and a mess with wax) The wax is cool to the touch and there is no flame. This mommy doesn't have to worry nearly as much anymore. BTW: You are definitely NOT the worst mommy! You are quite an amazing mommy!!!! I love your blog!

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