Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Will Blog For Coffee

I have no coffee.  I've been out of coffee for FOUR days.  I think that this is the saddest I have been in a long, long time.  I guess I should say that I do have coffee.  But it's cheap coffee that I thought I would try, and it was a bad move.  Coffee now lives on that list of things to never go cheap on.  Right there next to trash bags, toilet paper, tea bags....I don't know what else.  I can't think straight.  Did I mention I've been coffee-less for FOUR days?

Kinley has been getting up at 4 a.m. the last three nights.  At first I blamed her teeth coming in (she's got two that just broke through ever so slightly yesterday morning).  Now, I think that she's playing me.  She realizes that it worked the last few times, so why not make it a ritual.  I'm tired.  And just as I crawled back into bed, got all comfy and drift back to sleep, the dog starts heaving.  And she sleeps under the blankets.  Luckily she was on Richie's side of the bed.  haha  No, he was already up and getting ready to leave for work, so that left me to jump up, push her out of bed and get her outside.  My day starts!

I "announced" on FB last night that Living On Trees would be doing a giveaway--the FIRST giveaway--very soon.  I could not be more excited.  I love giving things away....and when it's something that I personally use and love, it makes me smile, real big.  So that will be coming in the next day or two. 

Last night I went to pick-up our Christmas cards from the one-hour counter and they were all jacked up with stripes that weren't meant to be there.  Not like candy cane stripes, more like, their printer sucks and left tracks all over our cards.  So I left with no cards, but a stack of envelopes.  At least I got to address those last night.  They *promise* that my cards will be all better and ready to pick up this morning.  We'll see about that.  So I plan to stuff my addressed and stamped envelopes in the post office parking lot so that they can get mailed out in time to arrive on Christmas Eve. 

Kinley's birthday thank-you cards are going out today too.  Those turned out so cute.  Can't wait to hear reactions on those.

So is it just me, or do all moms of infants struggle to get out of the house?  Richie and I were having a "discussion" last night and he expressed his opinion that he just doesn't get how it's "so hard" for me to get out of the house during the day.  So now I'm wondering....is it just me?  Maybe it's because it's snowy, cold and Kinley hates being bundled.  Maybe it's her hating the car and fussing the whole time.  Maybe it's because I can't find the time to get myself ready before 4:00 in the afternoon.  I really prefer, and almost refuse, to go out before my shower, make-up, hair routine.  And when Kinley takes short naps it doesn't allow me to "get ready" to go out.  I'm rambling.  But do you know what I mean?  He thinks it's easy, you put the kid in the car and you go.  He says that what you wear or look like means nothing when you're just running errands.  But when the store is the only public place that you go....it's nice to have pride in yourself to look good.  He says to get over the pride.

I guess I do only have myself to blame.  I need to get over it and just go.  I'm just so tired of having to give up on what is important to me.  What makes me, me.  He gets to shower/clean up every single day with no ifs, ands or buts.  Because he comes home from work and then takes 45 minutes to an hour upstairs all by himself doing his thing and I'm downstairs with Kinley.  No one is watching Kinley while I take 45 mintues to an hour getting ready.  His answer to that is to shower at night after she goes to bed.  But then he expects me to use nights to watch TV with him....so where is this shower time coming from?  I think my answer is to just stay up 24/7.  Wouldn't life be grand if we didn't need sleep?

Enough of my crabbing.

So Sunday, we were at Bass Pro Shop looking for something. I'm not sure what, really.  But Kinley was in her stroller.  We never use her straps in the stroller....we just never have.  But we will from now on.  We were in the glove "department" and Richie was trying to decide on the "perfect decoy glove," whatever that means.  He was looking at gloves, I was spacing out.  All of a sudden, the stroller starts to roll back into Richie.  What the.....?  Kinley scooted out of the foot area of the stroller and was going to take her stroller for a walk. 

Seriously?  We were RIGHT THERE.  Totally didn't even see her attempting this act.  How did she do it without bumping something and crying.  She cries over every tiny bump....she's "such a girl." (and I love that about her)  She managed to sneak out of the stroller!  We're such bad parents!  What if she would have chosen to bail the other way!?  Never again will she not be duct taped strapped into the stroller.


Heather Shelton said...

The reason she didn't cry was because she was being sneaky!! lol All she cared about was getting out of that stroller! Parker almost did this once at Kohls, I always strap him in his stroller but he was halfway out of the one in Kohls cause I hadn't strapped him and he was quite proud LOL

Before I had a job, me and Parker used to go places A LOT becaues I go stir crazy, and we never had issues with getting ready and all that. Now that I have a job, I have no desire to leave the house on my days off unless we have somewhere to actually go that day... I put Parker in his highchair with toys in front of the bathroom door so I can see him and take a shower and get ready that way... it works even if he whines a little bit

Raegan is my world said...

Funny Kinley. We have to strap Raegan in everything now. She stands in highchairs, shopping carts and her stroller. These girls.

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