Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chicago Dreamin'

So I picked myself up, brushed myself off, and gave myself a swift kick into gear.  After reading a friend's comment on my earlier blog, I realized that it's a lot easier than I'm making it out to be.  I can get out of the house.  I need to just take control of the situation.

I went downstairs and got Kinley's walker out of storage and put it in our bathroom and took a shower while she ate cheerios and chilled out. She totally didn't even care.  Here I was all worried that she'd freak out and she was just content as could be.  I was stressing over something that wasn't even real.  I just expected that she would freak out if I showered if she was up.  I guess I sort of feel that I have to be entertaining her if she's awake.  But truth be told, she can chill for 15 minutes so that I can shower.  Thank you, Heather.

Today was my day of feeling accomplished.  Kinley and I went to Dunkin' Donuts to take advantage of their 4 pounds for 20 bucks deal.  No more coffee shortages here!  Then we went to pick up our Christmas cards.  They were just as they should be....so I stuffed envelopes in the parking lot while Kinley chilled out.  We then had to go to Tar-ghet (I know you say it that way too) to get the rest of my baking supplies for these gobs of cookies that I have intentions of baking by Friday. 

Kinley was "that kid" in Tar-ghet.  Screaming for no reason, throwing everything that I gave her to try and appease her.  She wasn't having it.  I knew that she was tired...but I just wanted to get my shopping done...and I did aside from the Candy Cane kisses.  I can't find those suckers anywhere!  So that cookie may get nixed from the list.

After the post office mail drop, Kinley passed out and I took that time as my quiet time to wander the streets of our new town and dream.  It is so beautiful out there with the snow topped trees.  It's cold, but not super cold.  And the snow is soft and fluffy.  I just love it.  So I drove around all of the areas that we have said we would love to live some day.

I despise renting.  It seems like such a waste of money.  You get nothing in return.  We've already decided that at the end of this lease, we'll most likely move but rent for another year.  We want something cheaper and a little more "our style."  This place is very nice, but all of the stairs are just too much. So come September, I *should* be starting my student teaching and we'll probably move close to wherever I end up for that.

And then, we'll buy a house post graduation when I land (hopefully land) a teaching job.  We could buy now...but that would be kind of silly considering we have no clue where I'll find work.  And we'll get a much nicer house showing two incomes instead of just one.  Right?  So, I can wait.  I'm okay with that.

There is a house that I am so in love with.  And it's close to where we live now...but it's about double, almost triple, what we'd pay for a house.  It's on a double lot and it's oh so big and oh so pretty. 

A girl can dream.

Tonight, our goal is to go to sleep when Kinley does.  We're so sleep deprived and both feeling it.  Tis the life of parents!  Have a great night.  Kiss those you love and remember your prayers!

The give-away opens tomorrow!


Amanda said...

Those roads are clear and there is snow on the ground. I don't think I have ever seen that down here, lol and I love that house too!!!

jessie mcgillan said...

I am quite jealous at how clear your roads are during a snow fall!! We just received about 4 inches the other day and the world was at a standstill!

Oh, and the home...Its fricking gorgeous!

Heather said...

So proud of you for getting out and about, I knew you could do it! =)See now, you can take your showers when she is awake and actually relax (haha probably not, but that's always my goal) when she's sleeping

Parker acts that way in Walmart too, it can be quite frustrating, but he usually doesn't start it until we're at the checkouts which is even worse.

LOVE that house too!!

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