Thursday, December 2, 2010


This little girl is running me ragged! Last night she was still a ball of fire come 10:00.  And that is so not the norm.  She had so much that she felt that she had to do before calling it a night.

She had to take her dinosaur for several laps around the house (and she hasn't mastered the whole 'turn' idea yet, so we're up making each turn for her), then she realized how cool it was to push her shopping cart when it was upside down.  And don't forget how fun it is to play with the jumperoo--but only if she's not 'in' it. 

And then we started this new was so super cute--at first.  Now?  It's gettin' old.  But she's thinking it's the best thing  since......breastmilk? 

She always has had  a thing for sticking that little pointing finger (yes, I know it's called an 'index' finger--but that sounds so un-cute) in our mouths.  Me being the germaphobe that I am, really dislikes it.  But her little finger is tolerable.  So yeah, she loves digging her finger between our tight lipped mouth and finding those oh so cool teeth in there.

Well I had to go and take it a step farther and "bzzzzzzzzzz" every time she broke past my lips.  The laughter just rolls from her belly. 

So of course, we do it over. and over. and over. and over.  And....yes.... over.  It doesn't get old.  To her.

Richie and I both now have scratched lips from her tiny daggers fingernails.  But how can we deny her such thrill.

Last night she fell (while pushing the upside down cart) and bumped her head on the table.  Regular occurance in this house.  But Richie jumped and ran to her and was comforting her as she wailed in agony drama.  Then, through the sobs, comes this little finger creeping up and "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" into daddy's mouth.  And the laughter rolls.  See.  Pure cuteness.

Today, she decided that hearing daddy leave early for work (at 4:30, ugh) meant that the Kinley-meister needed to be up as well.  So off I go to her room to nurse her back to sleep.  She finished one side and was still WIDE awake (and I'm thinking, shoot me now!).  I put her to the left side (we always, always, always have to start on the right breast.  Always.  My daughter is OCD like mommy) and she nurses away and just as she starts slowing down, drifting off to sleep, a little tiny pointy finger starts creeping up to "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" mommy's mouth. 

And then she smiles that all gums smile, while still latched, and it melts my heart.

Sure, we could just give in and not "bzzzzzzzzzz" when she puts her finger in our mouths, but what fun would that be?!  The days where she wants to "bzzzzzzz" our mouths are here now, and won't be later.  We might as well live it up now.  Even if it is 4:30 in the morning, and she's starting to drift off.  Because that "bzzzzzz" was just enough to send her off to sleep with a smile.

She felt like such big stuff standing in daddy's work boots.  In the last picture, she's screaming "daaaaaadddddyyyyyyy!"  We love this girl. 

I can't  believe that she'll be a year old in only 9 days.  Where did time go?

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