Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Much appreciated!

I slept so hard last night.  So hard, that I remember (vaguely) Kinley crying in the middle of the night and I didn't even get up.  Richie said this morning that she cried for 17 minutes before going back to sleep on her own.  We're working towards the CIO method, but altered for our/her comfort level.  If I had been coherant and awake, it wouldn't have gone longer than 10 minutes.  Richie obviously has a higher tolerance level than I.  Hopefully this isn't going to be how I sleep....I'm almost mad at myself for not hearing her and getting up to be with her.

After my budget blog yesterday, I kept it in mind all day that I was on money saving mode.  I didn't ebay, etsy, craigslist, nothin'.  I'm so proud of me!  I've also decided to eat/cook from what we already have rather than buy all new this week.  Our pantry/freezer is never empty, yet I'm always grocery shopping.  Makes zero sense.  Plus, each day that I'm not shopping/buying something that will add up to a nice weekly savings that I can put towards a bill or into Kinley's college account.  I'm really a freak about the college account.  The one gift I want to give to her is a full college ride.  That's a thought for another post.

Do you remember me talking about writing letters to people, for good or bad feedback?  I wrote a blog about it a few weeks ago.  Well, I've kept it up.  I send a letter (or two) each week (not every week).  I've really reaped the benefits here!  I got a gift card from one place for sending a letter of appreciation for a good server and I got a $60 credit to another place for sending a letter because I was extremely disappointed in a purchase (granted, it was a $540 purchase).  But still, I'm being heard and these places appreciate the feedback!  I don't only write for bad experiences, I write for good and bad.  Richie just gets a kick out of it though....he jokes "uh oh, don't make her write a letter!"  It's just kind of neat because I don't write to these places with expectations for anything in return.  I just want to acknowledge great service when it's received and give them a heads up where there is room to improve. The gift card and credit were just bonus!

Make me smile, vote for Kinley!

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