Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's getting hot in here...

I'm exhausted!  What a busy day!  Not only did Kinley wake up to cold symptoms but we had errands to run and lots of cooking/baking to do today in preparation for our trip south to mom's tomorrow.

We were out doing our errands when the freezing rain started.  This is when I start to feel dread.  That ick of winter is upon us.  Don't get me wrong....I love snow.  But I love it from the inside, with a fire, and hot chocolate.  You won't usually find this girl frolicking in the snow.  I'm just not that tolerant of the snow.  I think I can recall one time that we did some sledding....and that was only because we were nuts brave.  Well, I was brave.  Richie loves the snow.  Me, on the other hand, whine and cry and moan and act like I'm literally about to die.  So yeah, Richie doesn't force the whole Joy outside issue.  It's just not in me.  Even when I was little....I just didn't dig it.  I had two pairs of socks on my hands under my gloves and still, I froze.  Maybe I'm just a little more sensitive than the average bear?  That's what I'm going to go with.  Yes.  I am just sensitive.

Kinley and I got our three errands finished and got home to start the task of cooking and baking.  I like to pretend that I enjoy cooking, and I really do, but I get so nervous that what I make won't be liked by others.  Richie always enjoys what I cook, so I need to learn to just chillax on that. 

We made homemade orange cranberry sauce, pureed butternut squash and then toffee cookies.  I worked my tush off!  But I really enjoyed it.  I had the Christmas music channel on the TV and it was just nice.  Me and my baby girl and the kitchen... I look forward to the days that she can hop on the counter and help.

The cranberries, zest, OJ and brown sugar.  All in it's yumminess.

The start to the toffee cookies.  Yes, those are saltines.

My assistant is keeping the lids in order.


Boiling now....and will be for the next several hours.  Smells so good.

Tell me you don't want one....really.


Heather said...

I would love to try one!! lol I'm not a lover of cold weather either, I like to build a snowman one time per year and then I'm done, ready for the warm weather to hit!

Amanda said...

I am thinking I need that toffee cookie recipe, mmmmm and it looks like your assistant did an excellent job of keeping those lids in order. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow and be careful on the roads.

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