Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Country roads...

Spending time in southern IL this past weekend really reminded us of all that we left behind when we moved to 'the big city.'  And I admit that we both felt that twinge that made us feel like we made the wrong choice.  But then we really think about it, and the reality of life, and know that what we did was right.  We did the 'adult' thing and made the choice that was best for us and our family.  Our family is what is important and making a living is top priority.  We have to eat.  We have to have a roof over our heads. 

It's sad to say that southern IL is pretty desolate when it comes to jobs and earning a good living.  I mean, it is for Richie's line of work.  People there just don't care much when it comes for tree work/tree care.  Understandably so.  There are some lower income areas and tree care doesn't rank very high on the priorities.  So we have to be up here.  We have to be where he can make a living.  Chicago is that place.  There is money up here, the people have money, the people spend money.  And my (future) job of teaching will make more money up here (if I am fortunate enough to find a job post graduation) than I would down there. 

Kinley's home will be Chicago-land.  Her opportunities will be endless.  That is what we want for her.  Better than what we had.  I dream of offering her the chance to try everything, dance, gymnastics, ice skating, horseback riding, anything she dreams of.  I think that the opportunities up here, are so much more plentiful.  Maybe not plentiful, but accessible-or different. 

So yes, while the twinge is there, the reality is too.  And we're okay with that.  We've come to terms with it and with each passing day that we have up here, we begin to settle in just a little more. 

Kinley has her own photo album (it's in very sad shape, or maybe very well loved) that she likes to have with her pretty much all day.  We have pictures of her friends and her family in it.  She loves to point at her cousin, Brenna and just talk and talk and talk.  She talks to all of her pictures.  I tried to capture it here.  But then Lucy barked (and then Kinley "woofs").  Lucy or "Gah" takes priority over all things (well, not Super Why, that is her ultimate).  For Kinley's birthday, I'm going to get her a more child friendly album that she can't destruct love to shreds.  And then I want to make her an album of just Lucy pictures.  I think she'll go nuts over it.  I really should get started on that.

Today I have so many errands to run....okay, not "so many." Maybe two.  We've decided to go to my mom's for Thanksgiving.  Well, she's hosting one on Thursday and one on Saturday.  My step-dad's family on Thursday and then my family on Saturday.  We're going to go to both.  Mom wants to show off Miss Kinley (and why should she not--she IS the most beautiful baby ever born--and me? biased? what?) on Thursday and I can't wait to see my neice and nephew on Saturday.  I'm excited to go.  I just dread being away from home for another two nights/three days.  Ugh.  So part of my errands today is to find her a turkey style outfit.  I didn't buy one cause I really didn't intend to do much for Thanksgiving...but it seems that we will. 

I'm also on the hunt for birthday shoes.  And Christmas tights.  I bought a pair off of Ebay and they are all gross.  They are white with Christmas trees on them and even though they're new, the red has made the white turn pink.  I'm so not happy about it.  So add that to my list.  We're going to be taking Kinley to see Santa on Sunday and I have to get the tights and Christmas shoes by then.

Today on my errand run, I have to go to Hobby Lobby to get my bulletin board.  I have been looking on Craigslist for some time but to no avail.  I looked at Hobby Lobby (it is literally 2 mintues from my house, how lucky is that?!) and they are only 8.99 and with my 40% off weekly coupon, I call that a SCORE!  I have big dreams for this bulletin board.  We are going to change the world.  Or maybe just organize mine a little more.

Richie and I are trying yet another budget plan, and this is going to be a part of it.  Or that's what I tell myself.  I mentioned waaaay back in an earlier blog that show called "Till Debt Do Us Part" and the financial guru advisor on there recommends the cash plan and using jars for your different expenses...  so yeah.  We're going to start that.  Add jars to my shopping list today. 

Last thing, did you watch Oprah's two "Favorite Things" shows?  Oh. Em. Gee.  I would give anything to be in that audience.  Daaaaang.  So then someone on FB posted a status update asking "if it were your show and you had to name your favorite things, what would they be?" and I've been racking my brain all night/morning about this.  As if it was critical or something.  But really, how sad is it that I really can't even think of ONE.  I'm working on this, cause I think it will be fun.  So tell me, what would be on your list?  You can blog it (and link back to me) or put it in my comments.

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