Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas: Is that all?

SKinley is napping (still! going on over 2 hours) and Richie is absorbed in Nascar aka: napping.  My parents left this morning which left us our whole day to catch up.  I was so very behind on my Shakespeare class and with only three units left before the final, I HAD to get caught up.  And so I did.  Good thing we all have boots cause it was getting deep in here!  I have never typed so much BS as I did today for that class.  I had no clue what I was talking about, but I so made it seem like I did.  So we'll see how these grades turn out.  I got an A on my midterm and was spewing BS then I think I'm pretty good at it.  Not that it's something to be proud of, right?

I got Kinley's invites printed and addressed.  We just need to get stamps and send them on their way.  There's no turning back now. 

We "celebrated" by birthday yesterday.  A week early.  We had to take Richie's truck to get new tires so we dropped it off and then decided to grab a close lunch rather than venture to this nicer place that I wanted to go.  Time was just not on our side and we didn't want to risk being late to the theater.  So off to Texas Roadhouse we went.  We do love eating there, but it so lacked that special-ness that I craved.  Oh well.  We each had a beer and felt so rebelious for doing so before noon.  Half of the beer in and we were both feeling the slightest buzz.  Lightweight.

Can you tell we don't "hang" very often?  We quickly realized that we've become "that" couple.  The couple that would rather be with the baby at home than out living it up.  And on the rare occasion that we are out, living it up, we do nothing but gush about the baby.  Yeah.  That's us.  And we're so proud of it.

On the way to the train station today (to take my parents back) I requested that we change the radio to the 24/7 Christmas channel.  Yes, they are already doing it.  My husband then declares that "Christmas music puts him in a really bad mood."  And there it starts.  I kid you not, he ranted about Christmas for about 25 mintues.  Solid.  I was so badly wanting to kick the back of his seat and scream to shut up....but my parents were in the car.  I agree with some of his views, SOME, but not all.  This year (and every year here on out) is different.  Christmas isn't what it was but what it will be.  We have Kinley in our lives and because of her, it's going to be so much more than it ever was in the past.  He doesn't agree.  He feels that Christmas is all about expectations and disappointments.

Children have become so full of expectations and then filled with let down.  They expect to receive all of these insanely expensive gifts and then after the frenzie of opening everything as fast as they possibly can, they look at you and say "is that all?!"  It chaps me, and it chaps him.  Understandably so. 

Why have so many children (and adults) forgotten about what Christmas is about?  And I'm not getting all religious on you....who am I to preach religion? but what I'm saying is that Christmas is NOT about getting your kids as many presents as can fit in your car on five trips to the mall.  Christmas is  NOT about maxing credit cards so that you prove your love with the best gift to your spouse.  To me, Christmas is about giving, sharing and loving.  I just don't understand the idea of shop till you drop and knocking yourself out by getting up at 2 a.m. on Black Friday to get a $20 discount on something.  Really, it's not worth it.  To me.

I dunno.

The whole rant that Richie started on got us all talking about it and Richie and I kind of came to an agreement that Kinley won't be raised with the expectation of 90% of kids out there that think that Christmas is all about "what did you get me?"  She will be raised to know that giving is more important than receiving.  How many children out there don't get a Christmas at all?  How many children out there wish for a wam coat or socks or warm pajamas?  I just couldn't sleep at night knowing that I didn't do *something* to help, yet I got up at 2 a.m. to get my child the newest video game.

My mom chimed in that there are students at the Illinois Blind School and the Illinois Deaf School that have wish lists for Christmas as well and most get next to nothing for Christmas.  Just breaks my heart.

Santa can't carry that many presents on his sleigh....he can't carry enough for each child to get 10-12 presents.  He can only carry enough for each child to get wish wisely.  And then we'll teach her that going out to shop for a child less fortunate is so much more fulfilling. 

Easy to baby is not yet a year.  But it's our plan.  Our goal.  To raise a respectful daughter.  A daughter that appreciates what she is given and won't turn around and say "is that all?" 

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Summer said...

Amen, sister! I couldn't agree more about Christmas. I used to HATE Christmas because I went broke bc I'm supposed to buy all these gifts and all it really ends up being is a money swap. Not at all what the season is supposed to be about. I'm looking more forward to it now that Grace is here, but also couldn't agree more with your opinions.

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