Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Begging you to "like" me...

So, you're here.  You're reading.  Why not become a fan?  Yeah, so it's my cheap and pathetic attempt to make myself feel wanted and appreciated.  Just stroke the ego for a second, k?  It's a simple click, there on the right, to "follow" which doesn't mean that I want your money, your time (well, a few seconds of it) or your first born.  And if you're really nice *wink, wink*, you will "like" me on Facebook too.  That clicky doo-dad is there on the right as well.

Hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.

I ain't too proud to beg!  (but I do feel extremely uncomfortable using the word "ain't" in my blogs for the second time in like a week)

I got up at about 5:30 this morning.  I heard Kinley doing the warm-up cries and felt the urgency to get up, run down to start coffee and go pee before the real ones come wailing out.  So I did just that.  An hour later, I just finished my first cup and Kinley is still sleeping.  I guess she just wanted me to be up extra early today.

Isn't it horrible though, that I feel such urgency to get that tiny bit of "me time?"  I feel sort of guilty for that.  But I'll do it again tomorrow.  Richie and I were saying that we can't wait until the time comes that we can say that she can't get out of bed till the little hand is on the "7".  When is that?  Three?  Four?  Few more years.

We went to Aldi last night and got her the shopping cart and kitchen.  Both for under $50!  Oh, and we picked up some Apple Juice and Ketchup for this homeless shelter in town.  Brandi, at The Drunken Housewife, inspired me to look up a local shelter and do something.  So I did.  And I found the Lazarus House.  On their list of "urgently needed" is milk, apple juice and ketchup.  And while my fridge can't hold a few extra gallons of milk for them, I did get the apple juice and ketchup.  So Kinley and I are going to drop those off today.  At some point.  After her morning nap.

Aaaaaaand, she's up!

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Marie Gaor said...

Don't feel guilty about the "me time". I think mommies need to have a little time to get themselves together before they can get everyone else together. It's like when the flight attendant says "Please put your mask on first and then your child's".

I've been looking for a place to volunteer or donate so I am so glad that you posted Lazarus House on FB.

I feel like we are at a parallel time in our lives. You and I seem to share a lot the same interests. We should get together soon! =)

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