Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beautiful Day

Our Kinley Grace is 11 months old today.  Let me take a minute to try and grasp this.  Eleven months.  How in the world did eleven months go by already?  I still feel like it was yesterday that we drove the scariest 20 miles home from the hospital!  Loading her up in the car and saying to each other "can you believe they are just trusting us with this little human!?"  We were so scared that we would screw something up.  And look, eleven months later, we've all survived.  I admit, I only cried a little this morning.  She was nursing and so peaceful.  I watched her little mouth and played with her growing hair.  Thinking that this *could* be my last month of moments like these.  Next month at this time, I'll probably be crying a whole lot.  But happy tears.  Because that is what she's brought us.  Happiness.  Pure.

Last night Richie got home earlier than normal (it was 6 instead  of 7).  I had dinner ready when he got home (baked BBQ chicken, stove top and some veggies--glamorous, huh.) and we were able to eat and get settled into the living room for our most favorite night of the week. Survivor night. 
I was most disappointed in Survivor.  I dislike Jane.  I'm tired of her Marty rants and I think she needs to put on her big girl britches and get over the fact that you won't be liked by everyone in this world.  Who cares if they didn't "click" with  you from the beginning.  Lord.  Quit 'yer' b!tchin.  Seriously.  And how in the world Nayonka is still there is beyond me.  She really needs to go.  Really, really.  And like I've said before, how is she a PE teacher?  If she's not terminated by now, she had better be as soon as she gets home.  We were sad to see Marty go, he was working towards being our favorite.  Now we just don't know.
Richie got word that he is going to work till Monday at an office closer to home.  Day too late to avoid an accident!  He was side swiped on his way home from work Tuesday.  Luckily the other guy was ticketed and has insurance.  And no one was hurt.  But we'll take this short relief of the commute.  He got to sleep in this morning till 6.  That was amazing.  Him and I both kept waking up looking at the clock.  After getting used to his 4 a.m. wake up call, it felt like we were sleeping till noon!  It was awesome.  So I got up with him, made his lunch and started my coffee.  Just like old times.  Hopefully he'll get home even earlier than 6 tonight.  That would be stellar.

My mom and step-dad come up tomorrow for the weekend.  It's my "birthday" weekend.  Not really but we're pretending it is since my birthday falls over deer season.  How nice of me to let him "switch" my birthday to the weekend before.  haha  Just kidding.  I really don't mind.  Birthdays just aren't what they used to be.  So on Saturday we have the Lion King to see in the city and we're going to do a super nice lunch.  Since we're seeing the 2:00 performance, we figured we'd eat lunch somewhere really nice and then go to the show so that we could get home right after to have dinner with our baby girl--and my parents.

Today is Veteran's Day and I want to thank all of my friends and family who serve/have served our country to protect our freedom.  Thank you. 

Believe it or not, I always wished that I would have gone military.  I mean, I don't know that I'd ever make it as a soldier.  This coming from the girl that has a panic attack when a bug comes close or a spider lowers itself from the ceiling any proximity close to me....but I like to think that I would have toughened up and made it.  I guess I'll never know.  But I hold the most respect for those that serve. 

On that note.

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Raegan is my world said...

Kinley and Raegan are exactly one month apart. Raegan is 10 months today.

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