Friday, October 8, 2010

Talking about butts....

We are having major diaper fitting issues.  Well, not "we" but Kinley.  She fits in the size 2 diapers, but they just aren't tall enough.  Her little butt crack hangs out.  And we're not ready for her to be in "low rise" just yet.  So we up'd her to size 3.  Those things are monstrous! Pampers makes a 2/3.  Perfect!  Right?  No.
See on the left:  The size 2/3 is on top of the size 3.  On the right, they are side by side. 

They just took the size 3 and put it in the Swaddlers material and called it good.  They are slightly more narrow but other than than, the same.  Grrr.  So I need to find a size 2 diaper that is taller. 
Why am I putting so much energy and thought into a diaper?  I really do have too much time on my hands.  Well, it's just that Kinley woke up at 5:30 with us this morning and then decided that nap would be at 7:30.  So now I've got unexpected free time.  I really should be cleaning, since we have out of town guests coming in for the Chicago Marathon weekend.  But I'd rather obsess about diapers than clean my house.

Yesterday I made a step towards my working out goal...I brought the P90X box up from the basement.  So now I've just got to open it and put it in the DVD player.  Baby steps.

And because I really have nothing else to say, some Kinley cuteness: (I love her ghetto booty in these pants)


sdillow said...

Do those swaddlers have yellow lines?!?! Where do you get those? I LOVED those, but thought they went away when drymax came into play. We have the same problem with diapers, but have been using the size 3s. Grace really can wear a 2 still (and does at my mom's), but they are just too short for her.

Joy said...

Yep! Yellow lines! I got these in a 30 pack from Super Target last night. They only had them in the 30 I may order a large box of them from because since they are the same as the size 3s and since I love the swaddlers material better...I might as well go for the 2/3 in the softer material.

terri said...

so if you're still having diaper issues, we love target diapers, their sizes run big so the 2 would probably still be perfect. other than that I have found that the huggies run bigger as well, so even though i dont like them much sometimes I would buy them when the kids were between sizes.

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