Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jeans saga

It's Tuesday.  I have my head on straight today....for the most part.  Last night we had such a nice family night.  We ordered in pizza and wings and when I say pizza, I am talking the biggest pizza I have ever seen.  The thing needed it's own zip code.  Needless to say....we have enough left over to feed us through the week.  Not that I could stomach pizza that often.  Richie took the wings to work to feed the guys.  Maybe he took some pizza too....I'm not sure.  I haven't ventured into the fridge any further than where my pumpkin spice creamer sits.  You can ignore my mess of a table....or don't.  I really don't care. 

Last night Richie took Kinley down to the basement to give me some time alone (what is that, anyway, that alone thing?  I'm not sure we've met?) and it lasted all of ten minutes when he called me down to see this...

It is moments like this that make life precious.  Her laugh is contagious and we both laughed about it all night long. 

So I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned before about my search for the perfect mommy jean.  Or maybe I only mentioned it on facebook.  I dunno.  But I have begun my search and have started purchasing different brands/styles to find the one that fits my new "mom body" best.  Some of them feel like, what I call "nipple warmers" and some make me feel like my butt crack hangs out a good mile above the waistband.  For some reason, this is so much more uncomfortable since having a baby.  Pre-baby, the lower the jeans, the better.  Maybe I just move around more now that I have the baby to chase after and that makes a difference.  I'm not sure what the deal is.  All that I know is that from the four jeans that I now have, none seem to feel just right.
These feel like "nipple warmers" to me but I guess they don't necessarily look like them in the pictures.  They feel like "mom jeans" to me though.

I do like the color of these and I would say that they are my favorite of the four.  They just give me a "mom butt." (Hi Lucy!)

These jeans do look good on, but they get the worst rating because an hour after you put them on, they are so stretched out that they seriously grow two sizes and I can't keep them up.  They require a belt (which I don't own).  So they get two thumbs down.

I just bought these this past weekend.  They were on sale so I thought it was worth a try.  I do like them...but they bare the crack when I am on the floor with Kinley.  With a long enough shirt, they work nicely.  But I can't claim that they "win" my contest because the perfect jean will look good on, feel good on, and not bare the crack.

My search continues on.  I really want to try The Limited jeans but right now the budget doesn't allow.  I swear, if I could do that thing where you're asked "if you could max a credit card at any one store, which would it be" I would totally go for The Limited.  Well today I would.  Tomorrow could be a different story.  I do drool over their stuff when I walk past the store though.  Maybe come January when I have to work in the schools for class, I will get my Limited wardrobe.  Or maybe a few pieces anyway.  Oh, my friend also mentioned Express jeans.  I may try there as well.  I'm not sure what Express prices are like.   I used to shop there back in the day (and even worked there through the holidays one year) but I have always felt that I didn't fit in with their new style....I hate that.  I always feel like the sore thumb when I walk into new trendy stores like that.  It's obvious that I don't fit in....  Joy, shut up.

Kinley's had it with me blogging.  Gotta jet.
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