Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nothing to say...

Oh geez.  I spent almost an hour this morning doing this redesign.  I'm still not 100% satisfied with the look, but it's going to do for now.  I've spent most of my "me time" working on the design and zero of it blogging. 

What a beautiful day yesterday was!  Kinley and I actually left the house!  I had to go buy that book and I read Kinley a book in the children's section.  She was more interested in the celestial themed carpet than the Olivia book that I chose to read to her.  I almost bought her a Halloween book but I kept telling myself that she already has two full bookshelves and really doesn't need another book.  Especially when she's not really in to reading right now.  I pushed myself out the door with only Julius Caesar in hand and got that for free thanks to the gift card that I found during our move.  You know, I couldn't even tell you where I got that...but so glad that I did.  So to whomever it was that gave it to me, thankyouverymuch.

After leaving the mall I was tempted to head to the Commons to do some returns.  I have a shirt from Maurices that I need to return and a pair of pants to return to H&M.  The shirt I bought back in like July and I hate the way it fits.  The pants were for Kinley but her thighs are too fat chubby wubby for them.  I started heading towards the Commons when I decided that I really wasn't wanting to deal with an outdoor mall in the high winds we had.  So we skipped our returns and went to a mall by our house.  It's one of those deserted malls.  It has a few department stores anchoring the ends but aside from those, there were maybe 10 or so stores still open.  I was pleasantly surprised that of those 10, I'd shop at almost all of them.  There is a Victoria's Secret, Aero, Gymboree, Bath and Body Works, Limited, Famous Footwear..... good ones, huh!?  And it's less than five minutes from our house.  Sweetness.   

So one of the big stores on the end is Kohl's.  I went in there to try and find a brown onesie.  I need it to go with Kinley's tutu for pictures and for the life of me, can't find one anywhere.  I thought for sure that Kohl's would have one.  They had so many outfits that I wanted to get for Kinley.  I had to literally talk myself out of buying them, more than once.  I realized how bad my shopping addiction is...for baby clothes.  I walked through the juniors department and couldn't talk myself in to buying something for myself.  It was easy to tell myself no.  When I start school in January, I will have to get new clothes so I just tell myself that I can wait until then.  Dressing Kinley is much more fun than dressing myself.  I'm sure it all goes back to me being totally uncomfortable in my own skin.

Kinley totally shoplifted for the first time yesterday.  She stole a doll from Kohl's.  I stopped to look at this end cap full of stroller clip on toys but after seeing the price I changed my mind.  I walked on not even paying much attention.  After we left Kohl's and were on our way to Gymboree, I looked down and there was a stroller toy.  In my stroller.  Crap.  I was so scared.  I was looking around to see if security was going to arrest me.  Haha  We were already at the other end of the mall.  So we walked back to return the shoplifted doll.  I just walked back in, put in on a random shelf and walked back out.  I was too embarrassed to admit what had happened.  Kinley freaked out when I took it away from her.  But seriously, the child has a million toys.  She really didn't need a doll that she only really cared about the tag anyway.

Have you been watching Oprah?  I know that most of ya'll work, but there is DVR.  I have never been an Oprah watcher and it being her final season has kind of pushed me to watch.  So I DVR it and watch it as I find time.  I tell ya, she is good!  The guests that she's had on so far are not people that I would have ever considered someone that I would be interested in but I'm impressed.  Last week she had on the Judds, and while I've never considered myself a fan, I knew of their music and name.  Let me tell you...I felt so empowered and touched by their story.  I learned a quote from that show that I've been mulling over ever since... "that doesn't work for me."  Now I'm the kind of girl that has a very hard time saying no to anyone.  Well, anyone but my husband!  Haha.  I think it was the daughter, so Winona, said that when you are too afraid to say no, or not wanting to disappoint someone by saying no, try out "that doesn't work for me."  Good, huh?

Oprah then had on Jon Stewart.  I had heard of the guy, but honestly couldn't tell you what he did or why he was famous.  That dude is hilarious!  He actually made me crack up.  I decided that his show may be DVR worthy. 

Speaking of DVR....I've got that line up STACKED this season.  Our usual shows are Biggest Loser, Survivor...the reality types.  But this season, I've got tons of stuff scheduled.  I figure that it's free (well, aside from our cable bill which we'd have anyway) entertainment.  We can't go to a movie because we have no sitter and Kinley is very much *not* theater friendly.  This can be our Saturday night date.  Catch up on shows.  I couldn't even tell you all of the shows that I'm recording...there are so many.  But with it being the premieres and most are pilot seasons, what better time!?

I have a stacked "to-do" list today.  First and foremost, I have to read that essay in Julius Caesar and get my response posted on Blackboard.  Then I have to vaccuum and dust the upstairs, since I only managed to get the downstairs done yesterday.  Next on the list, plan something for dinner.  I hate planning dinner.  We always do the same old, same old.  I did spice it up yesterday and do Salsa Chicken.  It was tasty, actually.  Even though I'm not a fan of chicken.  I'm going to send my little note card to that restaurant today too.  And finally, tackle the mound of Kinley clothes that can't seem to find a home in her room.  Maybe even clean some out.  Ugh....anyone else notice that baby clothes are so much more fun to organize while you're still pregnant?

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