Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Good Deal

I am a huge fan of good deals, and love to pass on the word when I come across one.  If you aren't a fan of Dave Ramsey's FaceBook page, then you may miss his sale today.

He has everything in his store at least 50% off.

This is the program that we have and use, and at $99, it's a steal!  Especially since you get the DVDs with it. Excellent deal!

And then the envelope system is super cheap today too ($8.98).  But keep in mind, if you buy the Financial Peace University mentioned above, it comes with the envelope wallet.

For those who want to get all fancy, he offers a deluxe envelope system (just looks nicer and can be used as your wallet) is at $9.98, that's only $1 more than the basic.

I am in no way compensated for anything that you may choose to buy.  This is just me passing along word of a good sale for items that I personally use and love.

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