Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pin It

Follow Me on Pinterest  Everyone seems to be on the Pinterest band wagon these days....and rightfully so.  That place is crazy addicting.  I'm guilty of it myself.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it's beginning to feel like it's my crash pad for procrastination.  Like, I pin almost everything.  Well, not everything.  But a lot.  But, it never goes much farther than that.

I mean,  I have made one recipe so far.  One.  And, I've pinned about 100.  Yeah, exactly.  And the home ideas...don't even get me started.  So many great plans there.  Will I ever do them?  God, I hope.  Cause that would be an awesome house.

But giving myself some credit.....I have used several of the classroom pins.  Several.  So I guess I'm not as bad as I think. 

It's okay to be a dreamer, right?

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