Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So What Wednesday

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Being away for so long leaves the SWW the perfect opportunity to "check in" and feel no worries about the lack of flow and lack of formatting.  Here we go....wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

So What....
  • if I am so in love with the way that Kage says "no" to everything.  Remind me in a month when she's screaming it at me non-stop.
  • if I am not as happy with this new day care like I had hoped to be.  The curriculum is fabulous, but Kage is not transitioning as easily as I had hoped and I am beginning to wonder if she cries all day long.
  • I have an observation tomorrow and chose to do this SWW instead of planning final touches on my lesson plan.
  • We are all still sick.  Icky throats are the worst!
  • I am celebrating that I only have 38 days left until I am done with this unpaid work thing!
  • I just now decided on KG's birthday invites.  Luckily, I still have time to plan the rest of the stuff. 
  • I am struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that I have a two year old.
  • I did get a few birthday gifts ordered while doing some online shopping on Etsy.
  • I sometimes think that this whole marathon thing is a fad.  Doesn't it seem like it has become the "cool" thing to do?  Kind of like tight-rolling jeans....  and who does that anymore?
  • I have been stopping at the grand Dunkin every morning for a medium iced coffee.  It is such the perfect travel companion.
  • I am a "mean" teacher and have two losing recess tomorrow for disrespectful behavior. 
  • I am pretty sure that my our daughter is the most awesome girl I have ever laid eyes on.  She is the best part of me.
  • Having a paid off vehicle is really a pain thing falls apart and then in dominoes.  Today, we had to replace my alternator.  Seriously?!  Unpaid work, remember?!
  • I may have written the most sporadic SWW ever.

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