Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh Crap, It's Croup...

If you were a reader last winter, you may remember all of the trouble we had with Kinley having pneumonia twice and croup (more than once?).  Well, here we are again.  First week of October and she's got croup.  Grrr.  Last night was a rough one, she was coughing so bad.  Her and I were up quite a bit.  I had R take her to the Pediatrician today and sure enough.  Just as I thought.  Five days on the steroid and hopefully it clears up.  Thankfully, she's not acting sick during the day.  It's just the nights and early mornings that are rough.  But what luck that she's come down with it marathon weekend?  We can't win.
The doctor recommended that we keep her going tonight.  Let her run to her heart's content.  Running makes her breathe deeper and will help prevent pneumonia from setting in again.  So after the appointment, R took her outside to run.  When I got home from work, we went to the park to feed the quack quacks and run, then to the library to play in the children's corral and had to run a Target errand.  Okay, so not so much a real errand but a very strong desire to get her some new denim jeggings to go with these oh so cute boots that I found for her to wear this Fall.  Oh yeah, and I needed laundry detergent. 

On the way to Target, my exhaustion was setting in.  My feet were aching.  My back hurt.  I was feeling all of my 32 (I am 32, right?!) years.  I took a "back way" to the shopping area of the town where we live and meandered through a nice, established neighborhood.  You know the kind: nice houses but not overly nice.  Mature trees.  Families.  Some retirees.  Just a nice, clean, well kept neighborhood.  As I was driving through, I saw an older couple (like white hair, older) walking hand in hand.  In white shorts.  (Did they match on purpose?)  And then I passed a man vacuuming his driveway.  Yes, vacuuming.  And then I passed a family outside in the driveway just enjoying each other's company.

I can't wait to have the time to vacuum my driveway.  Okay, so I totally wouldn't do that...but I am envious of the time that he has.  Really?  He must have *nothing* else to do in life if he can fit in driveway vacuuming. 

Some Most All of my days seem to go so fast that I am waiting for the day that my head spins and plum falls off.  O-F-F.

There were days in my life where I remember having coast time...but those days seem like eons ago.  Another life time maybe.  I keep thinking that this life will slow down soon....but then again, maybe being so busy living is a good thing?

Maybe it's the fact that it's almost all work and little play...

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Barbara said...

I hope Kinley feels better soon! Poor girl and poor mommy :(

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