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These are a few of my favorite things!

So I've done the whole "Kinley's Favorite Things" post a while ago.  But sometimes, I'm nosey curious to see what your favorite things are.  What are your tried and true products?  What could you not get ready without?  What is your routine?

As I mentioned before, I have become obsessed with watching the YouTube beauty community videos and have learned about so many products that I now consider must-haves for my routine.  And I'm finding out that I love this new girlie-girl side of me.  Even if it always was there but covered up in baby puke and baby poop.  :)

So here we no particular order.

My splurge.  Matrix Biolage color care shampoo and conditioner.  Love the smell, love the way it makes my hair feel.  Around $22-$25 a bottle (liter size) and purchased at Ulta.

I use the Chi Silk Infusion on my hair (wet) every day.  To be honest, I don't even know why.  I'm not sure of it's "claim to fame" or what it is even supposed to do to my hair, but I love the scent and I bought I use it.  Purchased from a beauty supply store eons ago and I can't remember what I paid for it. 

The Alterna Hemp Texturizing Glaze is my must-have for when I want to wear my hair curly.  My cousin is a stylist and she has natural curl in her hair as well as swears by this stuff.  I now know why.  I use it on my wet hair and let it air dry.  My curls look awesome.  I got this at Ulta for like $19.

I use the Herbal Essence Max Hold hair spray to hold whatever look I'm going for.  Have had it since my wedding in 2008.  It serves its purpose and smells great.  Bought for a couple bucks at Walgreen's.

I alternate my shower face wash.  Every other day I use the St. Ives Apricot scrub--Walmart, like $3.  It smells okay and makes my face feel super soft.  On the "off" days, I use the Noxzema Clean Blemish Control  foaming wash--Walmart, around $4.  Love this stuff.  I use it at night as well.  Well, when I take the time to wash my face before bed.  Which doesn't happen too often.

I always moisturize after my shower.  And I like to switch up my scents.  Right now, I am using the Love Spell from VS because the scent is mesmerizing AND because they just had their semi-annual clearance and I got it for like $2.  I know....why didn't I buy several bottles. And I use the body spray occasionally too.  Cause it was like $2 too.

I use these make-up removing wipes before bed because they really work. Even for stubborn eye make-up.  I don't spend the extra on the Ponds or Olay because the Walgreen's brand works just as good for half the price--Walgreen's (duh) and about $3.  Super quick and easy.  I follow up with the Noxzema (see above) if  I feel ambitious.
The cosmetic wedges are a must have for applying foundation.  I have heard that a lot of girls use brushes to apply liquid foundation, but that seems weird to me.  So I use wedges--Walgreen's $2.
My most uber important item--blotting papers.  I use these things all day long, because I have super oily skin.  Love the Walgreen's brand cause they are just as good as the others and a dollar less.  Walgreen's (duh) and like $4.

And the biggie.
My make-up.
I'll start top-left.
Make-up brushes--or eye shadow brushes.  A crease brush ($2 Walmart) and a blending brush ($3 Walmart).  My ghetto eye brow brush/eye lash comb (it's all broken and gross but I still use it daily)--99cents at Walmart (so why not go buy a new one, right?)
My Mary Kay compact filled with random shadows. (couldn't even begin to tell you how much this's been around for some time.)
Mary Kay foundation brush ($6-ish maybe?) and my Rimmel Stay Matte powder ($4-Walmart) for touch-ups after blotting.
Moving to the left:
Mary Kay Triple Action Eye Enhancer.  ($14)  Not sure if they sell this anymore.  But it's the best eye shadow primer I have ever used.  And one tube lasts forever and ever.  Which is why the writing is all rubbed off and they probably discontinued it years ago and I still have mine.
Mary Kay creme eye color in Beach Blonde (like $6?) (thank you for recommending it, Gina!).  This also is a good base for your eye shadow and a subtle white-silver color.  Love this.
Rimmel Stay-Matte liquid foundation (clearanced at Walgreen's for about $3) in color 200 Soft Beige.
Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel.  Okay, say it.  WTHeck are you talking about.  I know.  I said the same thing!  But I'm telling is hands down THE BEST make-up primer, ever.  Love, love, love how it makes my skin feel.  AND, it's like $5 at Walmart.  Try it.
Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller.  Ulta-$14.  I have serious eye issues.  This works.  It's like an eraser and concealer in one.  Love it.
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt.  Was clearanced at Walgreen's for like $3.  Serves it's purpose.  I was blessed with nice eye lashes that rarely need curled and fortunately they aren't picky about mascara anyway.
Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller.  Walmart-$13.  Told you that I had eye issues.  I use this morning and night and it seems to be working.
Moving on down and to the right.
Revlon Color Stay Finishing Powder in 030 Sunkiss.  It was like $5 at CVS.  It's an okay product.  I love the finishing effect it puts on my make-up but it does have a slight shimmer to it and my oily skin+shimmer= disaster.  So I don't use it every day.
Lipsticks and gloss.  Use every day.  And I bought these three (current rotation) for 49 cents each at Walgreen's on sale.  They are from the Wet n Wild line and I like them.  I do have to reapply a few times but that's not a big deal to me.  Gives me the option to change up the color if I want to.  And then I also use the Cover Girl Lip Slicks gloss ($5 at CVS) (the pink tube) in clear to wear alone for just a satiny look.
Then I have my SPF for the days that I go to the pool or splash park.  This one is SPF 50 and is made for faces.  It was like $5 at Walmart.
Finally, my Velocity moisturizer from Mary Kay.  This is very light and doesn't aggravate my oil slick of a face.  It was like $12 maybe?

My new Justin Bieber Someday perfume purse spray.  Love it!  $25 at Ulta. 
Binaca Breath Spray.  Must have for the purse.  (Thanks to Danielle for introducing me to this yummy flavor!)  $4 at Walgreen's.
DKNY Pure perfume.  My "signature scent" these days.  $50 Ulta.

And I mustn't forget my beloved Chi iron and dryer.  I use them basically, every day.  As you can tell from the wear.  They are both on their last leg but I love them so.  I don't want them to die.  :(  The iron doesn't even turn on/off via the switch anymore and only warms up if you lay it on a certain side.  I know.  Ghetto.
But mom bought these for me 4+ years ago for Christmas and paid a hefty dime for them.  I gotta her her money's worth!

I spent way too much time preparing this post--and I'm sure I left out so many things.  Seriously?  This is how I spent my Saturday nap free-time.  Lame.  But hopefully it will motivate you to prepare your own list because I love to get new ideas for things to buy and try.  It's like playing make-up with friends on-line, no?

So tell me about your must-haves and leave me a comment with a link to your post, m'kay? 

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Rachel said...

So, after reading this post, I had to try the hemp stuff for my curls...I ordered it off amazon (which it was only $14 shipped with amazon prime)and it came in the mail yesterday! I plan to use it today once I can manage a shower....

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