Monday, July 11, 2011

It's been a "trying" weekend....

I am blogging on borrowed minutes, my friends.  Kinley Grace is going to wake up *any minute*....I just know it.  She's had two quick cry outs in the last half hour which is my warning that it's almost time.  Those cry outs represent my warning to drink up that last bit of coffee in my cup, get her apple juice sippy ready to go (with one ice cube) and go pee.  Cause it's almost go-time.

But this morning, I'm being a rebel.  I'm starting a blog after getting my warnings....  ooooooh you go with your bad self!  Okay, not really.

What a beautiful weekend!  We had perfect weather.  We had a happy baby (for the most part)!  We didn't fight!  We didn't argue!  We even got all of our to-do's accomplished and then some.  Yes, a great weekend indeed.

R had to work on Saturday but got home shortly after lunch-time.  We loaded up Kage and drove over to Zales to drop my rings off to be re plated.  I'm now ringless for 2 weeks.  We were trying to find a new stroller for Kage that was more mall appropriate and just didn't have any luck.  Her jogger has gotten so dirty from all of the trail walking and park walking we've done....I just feel ick taking it into stores and malls.  I need to get something a little more like this:
But sans the $250 price tag.  So my search continues and I pray that I come across another great deal on Craigslist. 

Speaking of Craigslist, we did pick up that tunnel on Saturday and Kage loves it!  Unfortunately, we can't fit the whole assembled thing into our apartment but the tunnel and one of the boxes fit in the living room.  She doesn't even know that part of it is missing!  :)  I swear, our place feels smaller and smaller with each new toy that we buy her.  I commented on Saturday night that this place would have been the perfect size--and dare I even say, big--for the two of us. 

Sunday morning we went back to Church ABC after our several month long hiatus.  Why is it that when our lives became so upside down and troubled, we left the church?  Isn't that not how it is supposed to go?  I dunno.  Regardless.  We went back.  And we were both so nervous that everyone would call us out on the jerks that we were for just "quitting" church.  But that didn't happen.  We instead got a bunch of "welcome backs" and "we missed you" and "it's so nice to see you!" 

And I really thought that I had blogged about our whole "church directory" photo experience, but for the life of me I can not find the maybe I didn't write it?  Here it is.  But whatever....months ago (like back in February or March?) we had our family portrait taken for the Church ABC directory.  It was the most horrific picture ever!  OMG.  We all looked ridiculous.  Well, wouldn't you know it that our first week back and the directories were in.  Hahaha  I thought for sure that those things were passed out long ago...but I guess there was a delay from the photographer company that did them.  So here we are, first week back and staring at that awful picture that we just wanted to forget. 


After church, we went home to let Kage nap before taking her out to the splash park and to go grocery shopping.  She had so much fun and her dad was finally able to watch her play in the water.  He always misses it because he works so late and most weekends.  I felt good letting him have this time with her and enjoy her.

And it's felt good to not be fighting and arguing and angry all weekend.  We've truly been happy, all weekend.  But it's been work.  It's been a 24/7 conscious effort all weekend.  But I think that's expected?  It's not going to be easy....I do know that.  But I'm willing to try and am trying.  And he is too.

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