Monday, July 18, 2011

I really had nothing to say...

Seriously?  Why do I have to be the host of a pimple that needs it's own zip code?  For real.  I broke out on my cheek like four days ago!  FOUR DAYS!  And it's still basking it its huge, red, swollen glory.  And it's not just that one....I have like three pimples (just not as big) on my face.  Ummmm, am I pre-pubescent?  How embarrassing.  I need to find a fix for this situation.  Like, quickly.  I'm 32, not 13.

And, remember how we were all "Dave Ramsey"-fied a few months back?  Ugh.  We had such GREAT intentions.  And then, we failed.  We gave up.  We quit.

Ugh.  Why do you quit on your own future success?  Cause we're dumb.  I mean, we really don't have a ton of debt.  Aside from a house, student loans and one credit card.  And that credit card only has about a grand on it.  only.  Okay, so we have a lot of debt.  We suck at budgeting.  But I'm trying to get better.  I have been saying that I want/need a part time job.  Easy to say.  But when I apply for jobs, they ask for my availability.  Well..... my husband doesn't get home from work till 7-8 each night...and he works Saturdays till around 3.  I have class Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So, yeah, my availability is after 8 on weeknights, after 3 on Saturdays and then Sunday.  And we go to church till 12:30 (most) Sunday mornings.  I really don't have availability.  At all.  It's no wonder no one calls me back for a job!

I don't know what to do.  I want to increase our income and help supplement, but I have no time.  And come mid August, I student teach and can't do anything during the week.  I feel kind of stuck.  Kind of like we have to just coast and hold our breath till I can graduate in December.

And even then, I highly doubt that I'm going to be able to walk into a teaching job.  The market is so bad in IL!  There are so many unemployed teachers out there.  I almost feel like I need to plan for another career path after graduation.  Get a different degree.  Teaching is my calling...but when the calling won't get you a do what you have to do.  It's kind of scary, really.

I put an ad for night/weekend babysitting out there....and we're still trying to purge our "stuff" on Craigslist but things just aren't moving.  Guess maybe everyone is feeling the pinch....cause Craigslist is flooded with stuff.

Chicago is in the midst of a heat wave this week.  And my poor hubby has to be right out in the middle of it.  I'm so worried about him.  And my brother.  My brother lives in south/central IL and he's an outside worker as well.  Wish I could bring a portable A/C suit for them both to wear! 

And my great mood and award-winning efforts at making this marriage work again, failed me on Friday.  I lost it.  I flipped out.  I was stressing and stressed out and upset and mad and frustrated and, and, and.....  and I took it out on him.  Just like I always do did.  It was not a pretty scene.

But, a few hours later, I calmed down.  He calmed down.  We apologized.  We made up (not out--get your mind out of the gutter!  :)  ).  We moved on.  Maybe this is a sign that we are getting better at this.... this fight episode only lasted about 4 hours, instead of 4 days.  I was so disappointed in myself too....  I wanted to hold it together.  I wanted to not start a fight.  Hey, I am human.  Beating myself up over it isn't going to help the situation.  And the best part....  he isn't holding it over my head either.

And don't you hate it when you reach over for your coffee cup to take a drink, only to find that it's already empty.  :(   That cup went fast this morning!


Raegan is my world said...

Hey Joy. Have you considered selling something in the evening. I used to sell Pampered chef and the parties were always in the evenings. You make your own schedule so yould do them on Friday night or whenever your available. I could make an extra 500 or so a month.

Amanda said...

Along the same line as pampered chef, you could do Mary Kay or any of the other sale events. You could (probably) even link it up to your blog! I know how you feel about getting into teaching. I have been teaching for 3 years and was just laid off from my school because of budget cuts... trying to find a new teaching position seems to be impossible right now. What worked for me before was starting off as a long-term sub. It lets you be on a "trial basis" to show your stuff, I've seen a lot of people, including myself, get hired for permanent positions after being a long-term sub. Good luck!

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