Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So What Wednesday

I haven't participated in So What Wednesday in a while, and since nap time is going longer than planned, I thought I'd just throw some "So What's" out there.....

  • So what if I just stood in front of the mirror throwing rocks at myself (not literally) but then I plop myself in front of the computer with a huge bowl of salsa and chips.  I was starving.
  • So what if I make up stories about my neighbors.  I have their lives all figured out, even though I've yet to say hello.
  • So what if I'm also secretly 'shopping' my neighbors to find someone -normal- (you know how much I love that word) to become my 'sit on my patio for a beer' friend.
  • So what if I constantly refresh the LiveText page looking to see if my professors have posted any new grades.  I'm a bit OCD about that.
  • So what if I want to punch Sid the Science Kid.  He drives me cra-zy.  And yet I still don't get up to change the channel.
  • So what if I think that my child is by far-the cutest and most talented baby- ever.  And I don't feel like I'm just being biased.  I truly believe it.
  • So what if I totally bombed my weight loss goal.  I feel like a loser daily because of it.  Whatever.  I'm having another chip.
  • So what if I'm beyond broke but still see no problem in spending $45 on a pair of shoes for Kinley.
  • So what if I fantasize about maxing a credit card on a new summer wardrobe (including shoes) for myself.  So selfish.
  • Don't worry, I don't have credit cards.  That above situation will never happen.
  • So what if I'm now out of salsa and still eating the chips.  I'm being a fatty.
  • So what if I consider Facebook "Fakebook."  So many people are fake on there.  Myself included.  And seriously....some of the status updates?!  Puh-leaze.  If you want to know the real truth, read the blog.
  • So what if I think I've become a breastfeeding Nazi.  When my friend told me that she was nursing her new baby, I almost did a back flip.  And then I instantly went into the "how can I help to ensure that you continue to do so for a really, really, really long time."  Luckily she has a great sense of humor and understands my insanity.

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Cindy said...

Popping in from SWW -- I'm with you on the "Fakebook" thing...and I recently started my blog for that very reason... I love your honesty and humor! :)

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