Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The House That Kinley Built

I admit, now that I'm on my partial summer break from classes, I don't do much of anything.  I'm talking about housework.  Well, I don't do much of anything else either, really.  But we're talking housework today, peeps.

As I walked through my house (apartment) yesterday, I just was amazed at how impacted our daily lives are by this toddler.

So I present:  This is the house that Kinley built.

My dresser used to be so neatly arranged on top.  I displayed all of the different perfumes that I had and all of my sentimental knick knacks....now, I have one bottle of perfume (DKNY, so yum) and the rest are empty.  And I now have a nice collection of dust and pacifiers.  Gotta have them on hand and close just in case one goes missing in the middle of the night.

My bedroom that I so wish were pretty and whimsical and decorated, instead hides a tricycle that is a safety hazard until she grows in to it.  So when our bedroom door is open, she runs to it like a long lost best friend.  And then you also see the wheel to her travel system that she no longer uses.  I really need to put that on craigslist.  But our bedroom has become the catch-all since apartment living.  No basement or garage for storing stuff anymore.  And yes, she's wearing those silly crocs.  She won't take them off!

My ice breakers Orange-aid, which are so de-lish.  I love them as a snack in the car when I don't have time to eat.  But, hard to have them as a snack in the car when someone takes them out of your purse and decides that they are better kept on the floor next to your dusty bedpost.

My bathroom used to be so cute and decorated so nice.  Now?  It's a fishing post for a certain little girl.  She stands over the toilet saying "buh-bye" repeatedly because one day, I said to her to tell her pee-pee bye-bye before I flushed it.  Since that day, she's bid her pee-pee farewell every time she sees the toilet. 
And my "nicely decorated" bathroom now is trashed because that certain someone just loves to empty out the bathroom vanity cabinet onto the floor.  I asked her dad months ago to put child locks on the cabinet and I'm still waiting.  So until then, every day, she empties the cabinet.  Oh, and the Mardi Gras beads?  Yeah, no sign of a topless party here.  Just the location of where Kinley decided to change necklaces.
And what bathroom would be complete without a pink potty?  And according to Kin, it's better served purpose is a stool to stand on to get a better view of the 'buh-bye pee pee'.

Blogger is being stupid and won't load this rotated the correct way, so just tilt your head to the right.  It's the TP.  And it shall never again live on the actual holder.  KG *loves* to unroll it.  And she's quick! And she'll bring her her prized pile of unrolled toilet paper.  So it lives up high.  Forever more.

You know how your entry way is supposed to be all homey and pretty and decorated so cute....yeah.  Ours used to be!  Now, our entry table (this table was given to me by my grandma and while it was such a sweet gesture, I really don't want it.  And what can you do with something your grandma gave you?!  You know!) is filled with all things Kinley.  How many shoes does a toddler need?  Seems that we think a few....(she has more in her room).  And why they seem to live on this table is beyond me.  But we also have an umbrella, the dog leash (and poop bags), a random bottle of water, Kin's baggie of meds, tickets to play paint ball (is he ever going to use those), mascara that Kin found in the bathroom cabinet and then gave to Lucy and Lucy then chewed the lid (grrrr!) and a few other random things that scream "Welcome to our home!" when you walk in.

Our coffee table.  Most interesting table you ever did see, no?  Well, that's because our daughter loves to climb on top and run across.  So, we wrapped baby jail around it.  Baby jail is no longer effective at confining her because she just lifts it and moves it and goes on by.  But with it like this, it's (most of the time) effective.  And then we put stuff in the middle of the table that we don't want her getting in to.  Such as the bag of nail polish (that she still loves to play with) that I had picked up at least 45 times already that day and enough was enough.  My coffee cup sitting half full of cold coffee because she woke up before I could finish it.  Some leg lotion stuff that she found in the bathroom cabinet (boy, those child locks would sure be nice) and random other papers that have yet to find a home.

And again, turn your head to the right because Blogger is being defiant this morning.  This is our living room space.  What else can I say?  She's conquered.

And again, no, this isn't a leftover remnant of a wild topless mardi gras party in our apartment, it's just the remnants of an over-accessorizing princess toddler.

It's not the cleanest place, it's not the most stylish place....but it's home for us! 

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Anonymous said...

Wow....dare we say CHILD LOCKS?? LOL. Come on Mister Man/Husband...get them put on!!!

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