Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Mash

I'm glad that I did the Weekend Warriors post on Friday.  It allows me to look back and see what great intentions I had for this weekend!  Intentions.  I think that only one thing that I said that we were going to do, happened.  And that, my friends, was Kinley's 15 month appointment and shots.  I tried to avoid them, and I did one of them, but the other three, I couldn't avoid.  Grrrr.  The appointment left me uneasy.  Normally, I walk out of the appointments even more in love with our pediatrician than I was when I walked in.  Not this time.

There were several things that left a bad taste in my mouth, not literally.  When we first met her and interviewed with her, she was super flexible about vaccinations and even sided with me on many views about not doing certain vacs.  It was almost like she changed her mind or changed her views about them at our appointment.  She talked about the amount of immigrants coming into our area and how important these shots are...blah, blah, blah. 

Now, I understand that.  I'm not stupid.

But I also feel that doing too many vaccinations at one time is not healthy. 

Because the whole vaccinating your child issue is so controversial, I try not to get in to it much publicly here.  Because I'm not wanting my blog to become some forum for argument and drama.  But I have different views than the norm when it comes to my daughter. 

Despite me not wanting shots on Saturday, we walked out with three.  Way more than I was comfortable with.  And the worst part, is that it was me vs. my husband and pediatrician.  I didn't stand a chance--aside from grabbing Kinley and running out.

The doctor also gave me a lecture on addressing Kinley's behavior.  She thinks knows that I have zero discipline with Kinley.  She's the boss.  It's no secret.  On the order of hierarchy in our house, she's on top.  And well, we know that it's wrong and we don't want to live like that.  It just happened.  It happens when you worship and cherish every breath she takes.  We still see her as our tiny baby.  And truth be told, she's not.  She is a toddler who understands what we say and what we want from her.  We're allowing her to walk all over us.  And politely said, Dr. N told us that we either get her in check now, or we'll be in her office crying when she's three because she hits other children and disrespects us and other adults.

I get that.

But how do I change it?  Telling Kinley "no" has never been my strong point.  Heck, I breastfeed a 15 month old!  Obviously, I can't tell her no.  So she told me to read this book, 1-2-3 Magic, by Phelan.  And she says it will help me.  I need the help.  Because most of all, what my husband and I want, is a respectful child.  That is so important to us.  And to know that she's being taught that it's okay to disrespect us, and adults in general, is not okay.

So on Sunday, we practiced all day to begin treating her like the "big girl" that she's becoming.  Dr. N assured us that Kinley knows what we're saying.  And I think she's right.  It was amazing to see how much she understood and how independently she can think and react when Mommy isn't rushing in to the rescue.  It's a process and this is only the beginning, but isn't that what parenting is about?

I stopped nursing her yesterday.  I chose that as our day to be done.  Was it easy?  HECK NO.  Does she still ask to nurse?  Yes.  Often?  No.  When she's restless or tired, she puts her pacifier into my hand and rubs her face into my chest.  *insert heart break here*

But I tell her that nursie is for babies and that she is a big girl now.  So I offer her a milk sippy.  She's not in love with milk, but she'll sip on it.  Dr. N told us to get 2% organic with DHA added.  So that's where we start.  Hopefully she'll like it more as time goes on. 

This parenting stuff is hard.  I had no idea what I was getting myself in to....that's for sure.

The stupid shots (my tantrum) gave her a crazy fever Saturday night.  She went to bed at like 6 and slept till 6.  That was kind of nice for us, we actually watched TWO--2! movies on Saturday.  We haven't been able to do that since before I was pregnant.  (I was always so tired in my pregnancy, TV put me to sleep)  We had an unhealthy dinner in front of the TV and vegged.  It was so nice.  Mommy and Daddy needed that.  But we had to miss our dinner plans.....thank God for rain checks.

On Sunday morning, we were able to go to Church ABC.  We even made it to the 9 a.m. service!  So, okay, I guess I completed two of my Weekend Warrior tasks.  We were a few minutes late, but we made it.  And agreed that going early was a better fit for us.  Not only were we able to get motivated earlier but we got so much more out of our day!  We went to church and got our errands run before noon!  That was nice.

Church was amazing this week, again.  How is it that I hear exactly what I need to hear every week that I go?!  It's almost like they call me and say, "hey, what would you like us to talk about this week?"  No joke...that's how it feels.  And on our way home from church, my husband always asks, "so, what did you get from today's service" and we have the best discussions on the way home. I love Sundays.

We had to buy a new kitchen table this weekend, well, we ordered it.  I sold our table on Craigslist thinking that we'd find another one with no problem.  Yeah, not so much.  Our apartment is so much smaller than the town house (but I'm so much happier here, so much happier) and our dining "area" is tiny.  So our table just overpowered the space.  It fit....but with a huge highchair, it was just not working.  So we got a cheap, smaller, nice table set.  I was starting to enjoy eating on the couch, but my husband reminded me that we always said family style dinners would be a rule in our house with our family.  Ummmmmm, oh yeah.  Okay, I give.  He's right.  In a few days, the table will be here and we'll be back to family style. 

And since this blog is about fifty different things already, what is one more?  Finances.  I consider myself a Dave Ramsey fan.  A big fan, as a matter of fact.  Not only because his Financial Peace University is pretty awesome....but because I give him credit for making me a changed person.  I have really learned how to simplify and it's not only a financial change, but a personal change as well.  I've been able to let go of some really tedious, small things that used to bog me down.  It's very free-ing.  That make sense?  But since moving and trying to get settled in, I've lost my handle on our finances.  I have no idea what is coming in/going out and I'm starting to feel the anxiety from it.  I got to the point of knowing where each dollar went and who it went to....and right now, to be honest, I don't have a clue.  I couldn't even tell you what we have in our account.  No joke.  And that, gives me anxiety.  Life has been so hectic.  Moving, settling, school, baby toddler, life.  It all got in the way and I lost control.  I admit it. 

Spring break is this week.  I'm on it RIGHT NOW.  This very second.  So, my goals for spring break are as follows:
  1. Get a grasp on our finances and budget.  This will be hard because I don't really know our bills right now.  New apartment, new utilities.  No clue how to budget for that yet.
  2. Work ahead on my lesson plans.  I hope to get at least three written.
  3. Finish one project for my other class--writing a model college level exam.  (barf)
  4. Get our apartment cleaned and resembling some sort of organization.  Back to Goodwill I go with yet another donation.  We've donated SO MUCH stuff since the move....and we're not even close to being done.  Next year's tax write off will be soooo sweet.
I think I'll be so much more relaxed if I can accomplish those four things.  That's not asking too much of myself, right?

I guess I should be taking advantage of Kinley still being asleep and get started on my list.  That would be the smart thing to do.

Her accessories not only include her beloved necklace,
but now she insists on wearing bells on her ankle.
She is such a beautiful personality.
Yes, her hair is a mess, I'm aware.  But I refuse
to cut it.

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